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“I recommend a Platinum membership. It’s around $200 a year, but includes a $300 discount to the Landlord Boot Camp, complimentary admission to the Convention and access to a boatload of training, forms and other online resources. If you’re already planning to attend these events, it’s hard to beat that deal. My wife and I have been to the last two conventions and we had a great time, met some online friends, made new friends and learned a lot.” — by bssterl(NH)



“I joined (as a newsletter subscriber) for $89. You get a nice property management software, a copy of jeffrey’s lease, and a book with about 150 or so examples of other forms. Plus you get the newsletters and probably some other things I forgot to list out. It is well worth the money. Also, when I joined, I was given the option to buy an additional book (believe the title was Landlording 9th edition) for a discounted rate/$10 and that was well worth the investment.” –Denise, OH

I signed up (for the Gigantic Newsletter Subscription package) a few months ago for the first time and received the Landlord kit, lease and a CD. Well worth it, very good info. The Landlord kit has tons of great forms too, a lot of them I would never have thought of.” — Bit,  IN

“Thank You for your valuable information! Especially the July issue that discussed vacancies and who you should and should not rent to.” — by Anna

“I am generally annoyed by newsletters, particularly those related to my work which delves into all aspects of real estate; but I must tell you that I find your newsletter very pertinent and informative and I would like to thank you for such a fine product. I attended your presentation in Halifax, Nova Scotia last year and purchased your package which I found very beneficial. You and your company are providing a very valuable service to your membership. Sincerely, Don” — by Don H. [Nova Scotia]

“Your web sight and newsletter are valuable sources of new and information. We have 7 houses and have applied several of your suggestions. Our tenants regularly inform us of their satisfaction with our landlording. We have your organization to thank for much of our success. Thanks again.” — by Mike

“I’ve received the Special Reports that comes with the Gigantic Subscription Package and the latest edition of the newsletter and have already used some of your great ideas in preparing my Prospective Tenant Questionnaire and Lease Agreement for rental properties that I’m about to purchase. Thank you for all of these great ideas. I’m telling every landlord I know about your website and Newsletter.” — by Randy

“I really can’t wait to open up my newsletter from you guys. It is GREAT. I don’t know how to put a dollar amount on the value of the information contained in it. Thanks so much for this wonderful source of pertinent information.” — by Sydd

“Hi Jeffrey: Received your Newsletter in the mail today which had the criteria selection page. I don’t know where you come up with all your ideas but I have to tell you that most of the documents I use in my business today is from your Newsletters and this site. There is such a wealth of information that you provide to us Landlords that I’d like to take a moment and thank you (which I know others have done before), for your publications, your seminars, and your wisdom. I always open up my Newsletter right away to see if there is some more neat forms that I can implement into the way I handle things. Thanks again… A fan (smile) in Michigan” — by Nancy [MI]

“This is a super offer (Gigantic Subscription Package) even without the software program. Go for it! Use just one idea and you’ll get your $79 back ten times over.” — by Aldo [WI]

“Having just bought our second rental I find that your newsletter is a great tool to add to my library of “what not to do” or “I wish I’d have thought of that.” Keep up the great job. I look forward to reading it as soon as I receive it.” — by Doris F.

“I have been a Mr. Landlord subscriber for many years. I have received and used much of the information provided by Mr. LL. A great resource for new or old LLs. It appears there is always something to learn. Even at age 75 years old. Thanks again, for many years of a pleasant relationship.” — by C. DeCarlo [CT]

“A single idea out of the newsletter could save you 10 times the cost or more. A recent issue contained the letter I use for converting some slow payers to the biweekly payment plan. That letter makes me an extra $3,000 per year.” — by Dan [MA]

“After spending $2500 on newpaper ads and carrying an empty unit for 7 months, I decided to use one marketing tip featured in the Mr Landlord newsletter. I rented the unit in three days. I think this will be a great tenant too!!” — by Britt [NC]

“Would you kindly mail me a sample of any pertinant newsletter to 46 Chesterfield Ct., Kings Mtn., NC 28086
I manage residential and commercial properties. Thank you,” — by Alice H. [NC]

“The small price of the newsletter will be one of the best $79 dollars you ever spent.” — by David [FL]

“By implementing ideas from the newsletter, you will have the potential of saving thousands of dollars. I have received it for years and think it is money very well spent.” — by Sean [CA]

“Dear Mr Landlord,
I just got my Gigantic Subscription Pacage today. I’m very grateful and impressed! I really appreciate all the publications that you get and the software and messages. It was well worth the money–by far. Thank you.  Also it came in pretty good time in the mail too. As a BRAND NEW landlord I feel a lot more confident that I’ll be able to cope with my current tenents better and be able to select and deal with new tenents more effectivly and more to my advantage.  Thanks again, (a new landlord)” — by Rick

“Jeffrey Taylor is Simply The Best.  I’ve been a subscriber to Jeffrey Taylor’s “Mr. Landlord” newsletter for over 10 years. I can’t say enough good things about his material. I’ve learned a great deal about how to better manage my rentals thanks to him.” — by Rick [TX] 

“I’ve told many people about your product because it’s great and I’m a better landlord for putting your suggestions into practice. My tenants are happier and my rents are on time. 🙂 Thanks for all you do.” — by G.G. [NC]

“Mr. Taylor, We are grateful in being members (subscribers) and for all the useful material that has enhanced our numerous properties thru out Chula Vista and Imperial Beach, Ca Thank You” — by Byron & Peggy P. [CA]

“On the home page there are a lot of books. Anyone of them can help you. Fifteen years ago, after my Dad passed, I found myself helping my Mom and now I have the buildings myself.  The thing that helped me a lot was to read the bound copies of the Mr. Landlord newsletters. The biggest problem is not the structure itself, it’s the person you will rent to and how to find a good one and handle their issues after. Building stuff is easy because it’s very straightforward. People stuff is not so easy.  Enjoy the newsletter compilations. You will like them!” — by AllyM [NJ]

“HI Mr. Landlord, It is always a pleasure to read your newsletters. You always know what we need to know and how to help us with our business.” — by Flora [CA]

“I appreciate your input on Facebook… Within the past few months, I have started my own management company and am seeking REO/investment/Multifamily properties for management and lease-only services here in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Your rental information is worthwhile and I read it whenever I can. Please keep up the good work.  Thanks” — by Mary [OH]

“The Mr. Landlord newsletter subscription has meant the world to me after ending a 42-year marriage (in 2008) and getting rental property as my only source of monthly income. Having had NO prior experience (was basically a housewife for 42 years!), I was so grateful when I found Mr. Landlord on the internet. I attended a seminar by Jeffrey a couple of years ago and was thrilled with all I learned! I hope to go on a Landlord Cruise in the near future.” — by Gayle [NM]




“I’ve finally gotten time to sit and listen to the Mr Landlord Seminar Audio CDs, that I ordered and I have to tell you, #1 I love listening to Mr. Landlord talk. #2 This is great stuff! You make it much easier to those of us who are novices to become more professional. The website is terrific but the CDs are AWESOME. THANK YOU!!!!” — by Deborah

“I love your newsletter and learn so much from your audio CDs I bought.” — by Jerry

“We have the Mr Landlord “course” that has 2 sets of audio CDs from some of Jeff’s seminars. Wonderful source of info. I put them in and listen as we drive to Portland, OR. down the Columbia Gorge. Makes the drive much more interesting- and better yet- INFORMATIVE.” — by Bea [WA]

“Dear Mr. Landlord, over a year ago, when I got my tape entitled “plug your residents into money making management programs”, i put it in a shelf, and never did get the effort to listen to it. On Tuesday, I drove to Washington D. C. From Florida. I took the tape with me and listened to it. Boy, was I surprised at what I found out!!! I am managing over 40 rentals and could have made a few thousand more dollars during those months that passed if I had been listening to the tape. I urge everyone who visits your website to order this tape. I am now typing letters to my tenants that has been on a month to month basis for several months to give them one of the “hardship letter” to increase the rent. I like to thank you very much for this tape. Sincerely romeo” — by Romeo

“I have really enjoyed your audio tape set “100 Proven Ideas” I hope to incorporate many of the ideas into our strategy.” — by Bill Kirvan

“I like to thank Mr. Jeffrey first of all for what I have learned from this site that I think without Mr. Landlord , a lot of us will still be in the dark in managing our assets. I bought four CDs titled “Plug Residents into $$$ Management. It helped me increased my rent when I followed the system. I was able to increase the rents ranging from $50.00 to $90.00. To be honest with you I have a tenant that I had not increased the rent for 3 years. Would you believe that? I bought several books here in this site. I picked clauses that helped me manage my rentals better. I like to thank everyone who have taken their time to answers questions and have given sound suggestions and advise from carpet cleaning to deodorizing it and a lot of ideas that have helped me make my being a landlord a lot easier (especially thank Aldo for his wisdom and experience which he unselfishly pass on to us fellow Landlords). I am just a grateful Landlord.” — by Roy [FL]

“Those audio CDs are loaded with ideas, suggestions and programs that, if implemented, will pay for the CDs many times over.” — by Aldo [WI]

“Mr. Taylor, You spoke last month at our AIREO meeting and once again you were great!! I heard you for the first time two years ago and I bought your full program. It saved me a lot of headaches and made me an extra $2,000 this year. May the Lord Bless and keep you………” — by Travis [TX]

I HAVE JUST FINISHED LISTING TO YOUR CD “How to Fill A Vacancy…” It was great!!! and I am already starting to follow some of your tips.” — by Allan 

“I recommend each one of Jeffrey’s audio courses. Each one has given me ideas that saved me many times the purchase price. I can say the same thing about the Mr Landlord newsletter.” — by James [MA]

“Hi Jeff,
I listen to your CD’s and study your materials every day! This is the BEST I have ever heard about landlording/ladying.
Thank you once again for all your help…You have changed my thinking AND by business!
Mary I., President of South Jersey Investors, Inc.” — by Mary I. [NJ]

“Yes, the audio CDs are amazing. Jeffrey Taylor aka “Mr. Landlord” is the master at taking the idea of landlording to the reality of successful landlording.  So many people don’t like rentals because they don’t understand how to be a Landlord. In my humble opinion, anyone who listens to Jeffrey will gain tremendous benefit.  Jeffrey Taylor’s information is phenomenal. He is one guy who DEFINITELY OVER DELIVERS. Every time I have heard him speak at one of my events, I have learned a lot. And I have been through his course many times. He is hot!” — by John Burley [AZ]

“After listening to Jeffrey Taylor address our Association I eagerly purchased the CDs and found that a key underlying theme is that landlords and tenants should seek “win-win” solutions. We are not enemies. In fact, Landlords could not survive without tenants, and vice-versa.  I have tried to adapt that “win-win” thinking to all of my interactions with others, especially those who I previously categorized as my adversaries.   Although my personal real estate investments are modest, I also am a co-founder of a property management firm dedicated to serving landlords, tenants and their neighbors and communities in a responsible manner. That effort has been far more successful since we began applying many of the techniques taught by MR. LANDLORD.  Thanks for the help!” — by Mark [IL]

“Jeffrey’s manaegment set is the best out there. I bought his first version YEARS ago and incorporated much into my systems. I bought the new version at StLouis. LOVE IT!  His course is CHEAP for the practical info you can use TODAY to reduce your tenants problems and increase cash flow.”  — by BRAD 20,000 [IN]



thekitrevised“Dear Jeffrey (author of the book), Thanks for making your hard earned information so readily available to people in our profession. I am almost through your Landlord Kit book; it is an easy read and provides outstanding information. I will use much of it to improve my 15 year old system of management.” — by J. Porter

“I just recently received *The Landlords Kit* and I must say that “My Hat’s Off To You!”. After 20 years of the rental business and researching for the best forms that I could come up with, You did it ALL in this 1 book. I have spent the last 20 years trying to refine Lease Agreements that my tenants could not pick apart to find loopholes. Our area here is a very repressed area and it’s very hard to find “Good Tenants” to rent to. Not an easy job in this area. But, thanks to you I now have the resources to make it much easier. Bless You Jeffery Taylor on such a Fine Job and Please keep up the Good Work for many of us are relying on you.” — by Karen G. [WV]

“Dear Editor, I subscribe to the MrLandlord newsletter and I bought the “Landlord’s Kit” book along with another called “Secrets of A Millionaire Landlord” by Robert Schemin. These two books are GREAT!! We have just started in the rental business in the past couple of years and have gotten burned and NOW that won’t happen without me seeing whats coming! I am changing EVERYTHING as far as paperwork goes in taking care of my properties and hopefully have even more success. We don’t have bad luck now but I think with these two books and the forms our luck will just get better, along with our knowledge! Thanks again!!” — by Julia [TN]

“What a goldmine of information!!!” — by Sean [PA]

“A must for beginners. Inexpensive, too.” — by Curtis [MD] 

“Jeffrey, Your book was a tremendous help in designing our “system” for operating our rentals. Based on the value of this book I will make you a promise, you keep writing and I will keep buying! I look forward to meeting you in person in the near future.” — by Bruce [OR]

“I have so many folded for interest pages in my book that it is twice the width. Some great information. Thanks” — by Fran [CA]

“Awesome! So much information to read and retain. Well worth the money.” — by David [OH]  

“Do yourself a huge favor. Go to and purchase Jeffrey Taylor’s book entitled “The Landlord’s Kit”. You may not live long enough to use all the forms and information in there. I can personally guarantee that the fifteen bucks or so you spend(including shipping) will save you many, many thousands of dollars over the long haul. Part of that savings will come from not having to buy aspirin for the headaches that will be prevented.” — by Aldo [WI]

“I think the forms will be very helpful. My father passed away in November leaving seven rental properties that I need to learn how to manage. I have used one form already on raising the rent. Thanks for a well put together book.” — by Nelda

“I just bought the 20 dollar “The Landlord Kit” book by Jeffrey Taylor. What a great book. Makes things much simpler. This book would probably answer 75% of the problems discussed on the Q & A forum on this site.” — by Eddie [MI]

“There’s a letter or form for about anything you need, and with the CD you can load and modify to meet your own needs or situation. Got mine on last years cruise and I’m going again this year to see what comes next. Hope to see everyone there.” — by David [FL]

“I just tear out the pages I need, scan them, white out the parts I don’t want and type in my company’s name where I need it, and then print away. Love the book, btw.” — by Curtis [MD]

“What an odd coincidence! I just realized within the last week that this landlord book I’ve been swearing by and this landlord site that I visit daily are by the same person!  I ended up in/on both by pure coincidence – completely independently – and then now find out about the connection! It just goes to prove – all roads lead to the best source for info! Love the book! Love the site!” — by Liza [AZ]

“Right now I am in shock. I have been a landlord for a few months now and learning the biz. But I had to do this post after reading Jeffery Taylor’s Landlord’s Kit and Leigh Robinson’s Landlording. I am one of those “idiots” and I mean idiot for jumping into something I knew nothing about. While I was reading the books, I realized how many mistakes I had made and how many times I could have been sued already. It was as if Jeffery and Leigh were following me these past few months seeing everymistake I was making. But luckily the “Landlording Ferry” has been looking over me so far. This post is not just to tell you about these books, but you must read and read and research. If i wanted to be a pilot, I would not jump in a plane and start flying. I would take classes and read books before I stepped into a plane. I do not know why I thought I could buy some houses and just collect piles of money every month. Sorry for the rambling, but these books struck a nerve with me and I just wanted to get it off my chest. I am about to reread these books because they are full of information. If anyone else has any suggestions to any other books, please post them for me and others.” — by Kevin [LA]

“As far as I’m concerned this is the BEST book I’ve ever bought on the subject. Its absolutely essential for any LL and should be one of the first purchases the new LL makes. If I’d bought this first, I could’ve saved over $50 on forms alone. Everything I needed, plus tons more was right inside.” — by Connie [TX] 

“I recommend “The Landlord’s Kit” by Jeffrey Taylor, the creator of this site. It has TONS of forms and letters and such that you may need in your everyday Landlord life. It has been very helpful to me when I have needed to find the right wording for a particualr situation.  RENT ON!!!!!” — by BJ [TN]

“The Landlord’s Kit is a must have in my opinion. I used the PM agreement as a template, made some modifications to suit my specific needs and took it to our RE Attorney for review. Our attorney was impressed.” — by Gulf [FL]

“For a while now I have wanted to write a review of “The Landlord’s Kit” by Jeffrey Taylor, which some of you may know as the infamous Mr. Landlord. While I believe in the quality of every book and product I review here. This book may be one of my greatest assets. I actually bought the book while I was on vacation a few years ago. I enjoy reading and since I forgot to bring a book to read I decided to head to the local bookstore and see what they had to offer. During this time I was still pretty new to real estate and property management. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge so I was reading anything I could get my hands on that seemed credible. After shifting through an endless bookcase of real estate books I decided to go with “The Landlord’s Kit”. I looked through the book and saw it had lots of different documents, which at the time I really needed since I didn’t have any.

So in reality I only bought the book because it had some free documents. I got to my hotel and decided to read a chapter or two. Within the first few chapters I realized I may have found one of the greatest assets a landlord could own. What turned into a book of a bunch of documents turned into a whole new way of looking at managing rental properties. This book is filled with nuggets of wisdom, which can turn your problems into profit. Jeffrey Taylor has created a unique system and a way of thinking that is completely unique. Jeffrey Taylor talks about everything that is truly important to being a landlord. Some of the topics he covers are dealing with phone calls, meeting the applicant, rental deposits, applications, repairs, leases, rent, late payments, evictions and so much more.

While some of these topics may seem like the average book to you I promise you they are not. Jeffrey Taylor ideas are so great you will find yourself putting them to work in your real estate business sooner than later. Within the first month I starting applying some of his ideas from this book and I saw a change almost overnight. Many of Mr. Taylor’s ideas are so simple you would be surprised you didn’t think of them. The way the book is set up is also unique since it is mostly a book containing forms and documents that you can use in your real estate business.

The way it works is Jeffrey Taylor, also known as Mr. Landlord discusses certain areas of the real estate business. He gives his take and the way he handles things. Most of his techniques can literally make you more money than you were seeing before. After he covers a few topics he than gives you all the documents and forms needed to make it happen. He repeats this cycle throughout the book. Each section covering different topics and the forms that follow go with it. Some of the forms and documents included are:
Daily Phone Summary, Rental Application, Holding Deposit Receipt, New Resident Checklist, Pet Application, Verification and authorization for transfer of security deposit, Reason for Non Acceptance, Rental Agreement Property Condition Checklist, Receipt for Keys, Notice of Accountability, Move In Checklist, Option to limit future rent increases, Garage Rental Agreement, Parking Agreement, Disclosure of information of lead based paint or lead based paint hazards, Lease Extension Agreement, Rent Statement Invoice, Returned Check Notice, Late Fee Due, Notice to Perform or quit, Lawn Care Notice and so many others……..
I was just so amazed to find a book for the price I found it for with so much information. So many of the books and products on the market leave you feeling like you were cheated, but this book leaves you feeling like you should have paid more. I personally use the forms in this book and the ideas and advice given by Jeffrey Taylor. If you are new to land lording or a veteran I highly recommend you buy this book and apply whatever works for you. Jeffrey Taylor has other products on the market, but for the price this book is in a league of its own. In conclusion, I have to give a little word of advice. While the documents and forms are provided are wonderful. You should still have your local attorney review them just to make sure they are legal for your state. Every state is a little different and it is better to be safe than sorry.” — by Josh

“The book is an EXCELLENT resource.” — by Wallace CPM GRI [VA] 

“I can vouch for The Landlord’s Kit – it is awesome! I’ve heard Jeffrey in person, and he is a brilliant marketer – the book contains a lot of his strategies and they are things you would never think of! Great read and a wonderful gift for the landlord in your life!” — by Susan [OH]

“This is a Great Book for All landlords to have!” — by Karen [WV] 

“This post should be considered a humble apology to Jeffrey Taylor for my refusing an offer he made me last week.
This is in regards to my post last week titled “Organizing local LL’s”. In response to my post, Jeffrey Taylor offered to send me a complimentary copy of his “Landlord Kit” to be used a door-prize at my future meeting with local LL’s. At first, I refused his offer,… mainly because I made a very stupid assumption that his Landlord Kit was nothing more than some cheesy free giveaways that you normally get at trade shows,..ball point pens with logos, refrigerator magnets, seminar sales literature, etc. etc.

Long story short, Jeffrey mailed me the Landlord Kit anyway and when it arrived I was shocked to what I found inside the delivery box. To my surprise, Jeffrey’s Landlord Kit turned out to something very valuable and something every LL needs to have which is a collection of professionally written LLing forms. These forms (like over 200 of them) seem to cover every conceivable situation a LL would need to communicate with his or her tenants with.

You all probably already know that Jeffrey is big on ‘communication with his tenants’. From looking through this Landlord Kit, I can now see and understand how Jeffrey communicates with his tenants,..his tenant communication ‘gameplan’ is right here in these 200 plus pages). This book is a gold mine of information and NOT the cheesy free giveaway stuff I assumed it would be. I feel like an idiot for refusing his offer last week to send me this “Landlord Kit”.  This book was sent to me to be used a “door-prize” in an upcoming LL meeting that I am trying to organize with local LL’s. I am going to have a hard time giving this book away as a door-prize because this book is something I want to keep for myself! There are forms in this book I need right now. The forms in this book are available on CD, which I will be ordering soon. I would highly recommend you get this Landlord Kit or the CD version. And if Jeffrey ever makes you an offer, don’t be an idiot and refuse it like I did.” — by Roy [AL]

Your book Is the most amazing thing! I expect a smooth rental experience in my homes since buying it.. Thanks!!!” — by Mark O.



“After roughing it on our own for 3 years, we finally bought the Mr. Landlord package (complete landlord course offered at his seminars). It truly has almost every possible form/letter/advice to fit any given situation. It is well worth the money!” — by Jenifer [STL-MO]

“We met about 2 years ago in Kenilworth, NJ when you were speaking to the Metropolitan Real Estate Association. I bought your course materials and studied them. Now, I’m making 13+ months rent in 12 months on some of my rentals! I just renewed my subscription to your newsletter for an additional 3 years.” — by David D. [NJ]

“I bought your “super-sized” product. This was one of the best purchases that I have made since starting my landlording career. I am thankful that in the beginning of my landlording career that I had your course. This has helped make my landlording job a lot easier.” — by Brian [PA]

“Jeff Taylor, I must tell you that your program is beyond fabulous! You are amazing. I brag about how much you have helped me be a good landlord, while providing all docs to cover my butt! Thanks.” — by Roseanne Mitchell [CA]

“I just want to say thank you for the invaluable information you provide for landlords. I was fortunate to hear you speak at the Washington Real Estate Investment club in Bethesda about a year ago, hosted by Ernie Kessler and John Peterson. I bought your package and I have more than gotten my money’s worth. By studying the materials over and over, I’ve eliminated a lot of bad tenants from my rentals, by not renting to them in the first place, but doing it legally. Thank you so much for your suggestions and advice, every idea of yours I’ve tested has yielded tremendous results. May God continue to bless you and your family. P.S. My tenants love their anniversary gifts.” — by Desaree [MD] 

“After hearing him speak at a local Investor cluib meeting, I bought his material, tapes and books. Some of the greatest ideas ever. If you just implement one of them you will easily make your money back.” — by Kevin [CO]

“I attended your presentation in Columbus, Ohio last week. It was very informative, so much so I purchased your complete course. I have listened to the CD’s and started reading the back issues of your newsletter. I have already picked up a lot of great ideas that will save me many times more than the investment I made in your course. Thanks so much and I look forward to corresponding with you in the future.” — by Tom [OH]

“I love your materials. They are totally inspiring. You do not degrade the “tenant” resident the way others have done. I like what you said about treating them like a partner. You are totally inspiring. Can’t wait to interview my next resident! THANKS SO MUCH!” — by Mary [NJ]

“Mr. Taylor,
I thought I was good at being a Landlord. Compared to many I have met perhaps I am. BUT YOU ARE A TRUE MASTER! I was blown away by your presentation this past weekend at the GAREIA Southeastern Convention. At the end of a GAREIA presentation I usually sit tight in my chair — on my wallet — but for a chance to buy your hard-earned knowledge for less than a typical 1/2 month’s rent I JUMPED out of my chair! I have already made it through most of your CDs and a little bit of the reading material. I am sure to get my money’s worth over my career as a real estate investor and landlord.  Thank you, Your Newest SIX STAR Client” — by Paul [GA] 

“Dear Jeffrey,
We met you at the Denver Real Estate Success Conference in 2006, and bought your complete landlords training set. It’s and understatement to say that they have helped us radically improve our business! Thank you so much for your brilliant ideas and terrific materials. You are the best investment we’ve ever made in our own education.” — by Eric [CO]

“ Jeff, Thanks for the great info. You made a difference!” — by Lou [OH]

“I was hesitant to spend any money at all on such courses, etc. when I started out. I even felt a bit sheepish once I’d bought it. I am very thankful I had the brains and courage to buy it BEFORE we got a resident.   We had NO experience managing a property, so we were able to avoid lots of pitfalls, and also set a very positive tone with residents. I’d seen Jeffrey speak once before, and when I saw he was coming to a nearby city I saw him again and bought the whole package.   If you’ve never seen Jeffrey, the CDs are a great way to get you into the right mindset to be an effective landlord. Customer service was very good when I had a question about the kit. I cannot speak for the other courses, but as for managing a rental, Jeffery’s program is very thorough.” — by Doug [OH]




sprtakecontrol“I’d recommend purchasing the “Rental Clauses Report” for sale here at… I think it’s about $15 and contains over 100 rental clauses that you can add to your lease. I included quite a few of the clauses in the report as an addendum to my lease.” — by Ray [IL]


Mr Landlord has a manual (LANDLORD SURVIVAL HANDBOOK OF 100 RENTAL FORMS) that would supply you with most any form that you might need. I’ve used many of them.” — by Kerry R. [WA]


“Buy the CD (of 150 Rental Forms available on this site), tweak them and then bring them to a lawyer for refinement to your local laws. It will save you time (money) with the lawyer. The CD is well worth it.” — by Jason [ND]



 “I had the opportunity to attend a Mr. LL talk. If Jeffery Taylor is coming to a town near you I would highly recommond his seminar. He not only is a good speaker but shared with us lots of very helpful and positive information. I”m so excited that I can’t wait to get some of his printed materials. If he is not coming to a town near you I’d highly recommond his CDs. His information is very straight forward and very easy to understand. Even if you can only incorporate 10% of what his message is into your rental properties you’ll be ahead of the game. I’m even more excited for those of you who signed up for the cruise – you are in for a REAL treat! Jeffery has alot of personality and a sincere concern to help us all be better people and LLs.” — Patty [MO]

“He is fun to learn from. Very high energy and informative. Helped change me and Pookie’s lives.” — Lee [IN]

“We only had a few units the first time we saw Jeffrey speak (8 or 10?) in 2010 or 2011. Can’t remember. Well we still only have a few now, relatively speaking based on others here (now total 23 units.) But his info took us from crying to flying. We were able to quit our day jobs and do this full time based on his advice. are comfortably self-employed just doing LL work.” — WMH [NC]

 “This was the best seminar that I have attended. There was great bargins on learning tapes. Jeffery did an outstanding job. He has always concerned himself with others best interest in mind.” — by Tom C. [FL]

“Jeffery Taylor is a complete pro when it comes to landlording. If you’ve ever seen him live he is passionate, knowledgeable, and excited about what he does. What I learned from him completely changed the way I approached tenant relationships for the better. I’m armed with some incredible tools that allow me and my tenants to win. I no longer dread it. For me, this was a missing link in my success as an investor, and Jeffery’s teaching help me immensely. He is the king of landlord tenant relationships and if you are a landlord, you really need to get it right. I recommend you let him show you the way.” — A. H. [ON]

“Dear Jeffrey, Thank you so much for your inspiration. You and your products have made all the difference in our landlording business.”  — by Mr. & Mrs. Paulson [CO]

“Hey Jeffrey, I sat front-row center when you spoke in Seattle. I have attended many, many seminars and you blew me away.
Thanks.” — by Phil [WA]

“You are truly a great professional serving needs of the real estate investment industry ever since I knew you (17 years)!! Please keep on keeping on my man!!!” — by Sham R. [OH]

“Dear Mr. Taylor,
Just a note to tell you how much my wife Virginia & I enjoyed your seminar Tuesday in Champaign, Illinois. I’m the guy that used up his 2 question maximum early on. If I came across too aggressive I apologize. My wife says sometimes I intimidate people because my voice carries & I get excited. The reason I got wound up was because of your enthusiasm & knowledge.
I started buying rental property in 1979. We now have 110 units and are building new duplexes. They are designed for older residents — no steps, wide doors & halls, lever locks & faucets, step-in tubs, zero maintenance. Several of your ideas Tuesday reinforced things we are doing & several of your suggestions are definitely worth applying. Never too late to learn.
Anyway, just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience & ideas. Sorry we didn’t get to stay long enough to tell you in person, but we had another commitment across town. We plan to absorb the 6 pages of notes Virginia took, then look into buying some of your programs. Hope to see you again next time you are in our area. In the meantime it’s WIN-WIN !!
Thanks, Bill S. S Properties” — by Bill [IL]

“Hi Jeffrey, I saw you speak at the Denver REIA Convention one year. You are one heck of a great speaker — and wow, do you have some amazing ideas that I’ve never heard from anyone else!” — by Christina [CO]

“Jeffrey, It was great to hear you at the GaREIA general meeting. You have a lot of great ideas and we will be using some of them.”  — by Mike [GA]

“It was great hearing you speak last night in Orlando. It was my fourth opportunity and it gets better every time.
As an attorney who represents many landlords and a lifetime member of CFRI, our local investment association, I can say you provide a great opportunity for landlords.  Most speakers I have seen over the years, are there to provide an opportunity to sell products. Your presentation was a great opportunity for landlords to learn how to think profitability. Thanks again” — by Bob L. [FL]

“I attended the speaking engagement you gave in Winter Park, Florida on 9/16/2010. I took 9 pages of notes, so I was there to learn some new ideas.  I work for a property management company here in Winter Park, A & A Properties. We manage about 90 rental properties and have a high vacancy rate right now. We have been subscribing to your news letter since it began and my boss does have your instructional CD kit. I have used a lot of the points you made in the past 2 weeks and they have worked out tremendously. I was very impressed with everything I heard and appreciate the time you took.  Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!…..and please accept my Facebook friend request, if at all possible, as I am using FB as a tool in our marketing. Thanks again!”  — by Alex [FL]

“Greetings Mr. Landlord and Jeffrey Taylor – the most awesome REIA speaker ever!” — by Sandy [FL]

“I just saw you speak at the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors. Thank you for so much useful info!” — by Joanne [CO]

Awesome Landlord talk in Nashville last week. Great to have you back, you gave more helpful suggestions in 75 minutes than our last year of classes. Thank you for inspiring us landlords!” — by Craig [TN]

“Hello Jeffery, I just wanted to thank you for speaking tonight at the mr. landlord event (for NARPM – Greater Dallas Chapter). It was truly a pleasure meeting you. Your speaking had a very profound impact on my views of property management and have inspired me to think more critically into how other industry selling and customer service points could be applied to property management.” — by Stephen [TX]



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