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Jeffrey Taylor is not your typical national real estate instructor.  He coaches “real” landlords.  Jeffrey is the one instructor who real estate investors (who actually own rental property) go to for advice, inspiration and instruction, to help them improve and take their rental business to the next level.

“It’s not called Boot Camp for nothing. If anyone knows a little about Basic Training for the military. Then you will know that you may think you know something about a Topic until you get trained correctly. Mr. Taylor is your Drill Instructor, and he will get you heading in the right direction, especially while your seating in class and you say to yourself what have I been doing all this time? The Boot Camp sessions prepares you for the Battle Field in Business, and if your not conducting your Landlord duties as a Business, you will become a casualty. So do what ever it takes to attend next Landlord Boot Camp session… ”  — Dwayne (HI)

“Missing out… Who? All of you who did not come to the Boot Camp. My kids are so enthused and impressed. Said, “We loved the Conventions but this is 10 times better.”

Shocked by the wealth of knowledge in that room full of surprisingly experienced Landlords! You’d think a Boot Camp was for up and coming Landlords but no, a bunch of us were in the biz 10 years or more, and some were already dealing with hundreds of units. And yet we all learned SO MUCH. Some were brand-new and aren’t they smart to learn this stuff NOW instead of after years of waffling about, as some of us did in the beginning!

FOOD: can’t say enough about the food. Hotel food tends to be pretty mediocre but we had some great little meals there, both at the trainings and on-own for dinners and breakfast. Those who didn’t do the VIP luncheon miss out on the camaraderie of dining with their peers…

If you’ve ever wondered if you should go, stop wondering. Seasoned or brand-new this is a great event.” — WMH (NC)

“Thanks so much for a phenomenal boot camp experience. Your flexibility during your presentation and willingness to answer questions freely really helped set your training apart for me. Thank you!” — Marlita (FL)

“Just completed my 2nd MRLL Boot camp. I went in with high expectations, and they were exceeded. The boot camp has evolved since I first attended. For me it is about systems and metrics. Goal is to truly move from working in the business to working on the business. Also I want to clear mental space and energy to focus on highest priority items. So was it worth a return? Absolutely, it has evolved as so should I. In fact this will not be my last time.” — Laura (MD)

“I just went to the boot camp in Orlando and this was definitely the best seminar I have ever attended in my LIFE! And trust me, I have been to many. I cannot wait to read through all the valuable material that we got and I have already started to implement some of the ideas. I really had a blast!”  — Andrea (FL)

“The Mr Landlord Boot camp in Orlando was excellent! It really brought to light some important items that we’ve been overlooking in our management business. Since returning from the boot camp we have been actively creating/updating/deleting our lists/processes/documents. We’re working ON our business while still actively working IN our business. Thank you Jeffrey and Dot and all the participants for sharing your experiences that help us all create more win/win scenarios for managers/owners and residents.”  — Bobby M [CO])

“This was a great experience that changed how I look at landlording. Jeff laid it all out there. The course material is well done and having the in-person experience really made it come alive. The tips, tricks, and tools shared by the other participating landlords was a great bonus. Great event! I highly recommend it.”  — Vincent Maida (MD)

“I’ve been wanting to go the LL boot camp for years as I found Jeffrey’s emails very practical, but I kept finding excuses. I couldn’t find any this time as well as a buddy being willing to go with me. Just his lease is worth the price of admission as it is obvious he changes it with every issue he encounters. His whole manual (which he gives in print and on CD) is an arsenal of protection and incentives. The added value of audio and DVDs of prior boot camps is such a huge bonus. At the end he surveys us on what he could do differently and I still haven’t found anything he could do differently, but that may tell you why I needed to go to this boot camp. Jeffrey and the networking were both most valuable. I’m quiet and don’t like to hobnob with others much but these folks were so approachable and helpful. Jeffrey encouraged their input and admitted to learning from these younger more technological oriented folks. I can’t believe the tools I have now. So glad I went. Wish I would have gone sooner. Thanks Jeffrey.” — Ron (CA)

“Thank you, Mr. Taylor! I found your Boot Camp informative and worthwhile. As a newer landlord, my primary goal is to increase my effectiveness and understanding as a landlord. Your enthusiasm, positive spirit and materials have set me on the right path to achieving that goal. You did an outstanding job of sharing your expertise with us and allowed the attendees to share information that’s benefited them as well, so we all learned together as a group.” — Kendra (FL)

“I learned so much from Jeffrey “Mr. Landlord” Taylor over the two days. If you’re interested in being a landlord to create generational wealth or if you want to be an excellent people centered property manager… I recommend you check him out!”  — Alvin (FL)

“The bomb! Two FULL days of learning and camaraderie. Worth every penny and then some. The time FLEW by and we were sorry when we had to leave to catch the last flight home, as it was still going strong!! Tomorrow we are working on an action plan for how to IMPLEMENT so many of these good ideas…My DH was surprised that there was very little repetition – we’ve been to two annual conventions and thought surely he would have to repeat. But no. In fact we realized if we had not attended the convention (3?) years ago, and again two years ago, we would not have learned some life-saving / business-changing tips…and now ditto this boot camp – DIFFERENT stuff. So now we are saying, “Guess we better budget in these trainings whenever they happen! Can’t afford to miss one!  Thanks, Jeffrey, Dot and Justin. Such a good job and you made it look effortless, which means it was terribly hard work.” — Landlord (NC)

“What I liked was EVERYTHING – from the sheer amount of information which was presented in an effective, efficient, yet in a warm and friendly way, to the opportunity to network and learn from other landlords.   Awesome experience. Jeffrey Taylor is a wealth of knowledge – interesting presentation – awesome – WOW!”  — Christy (FL)

“I am just heading home to Ohio from the Mr. Landlord Bootcamp. It was a positively vivacious informative experience. I most appreciated the positive win-win approach to landlording. I have been to several Mr. Landlording events,this being my first Mr. Landlord Bootcamp for which I must say is worth its weight in gold for the following three reasons.1. We discussed one topic- management of rental properties from start to finish. We went into depth about every aspect of this one topic. 2. Jeffrey was our only instructor. We got to hear the hows and whys of the benefits of Landlording with the concept of a brand in mind. He even gave us an extra bonus session with Mrs. Landlord, Mrs. Dot Taylor who shared ways of how to incorporate your partner and children into your business. 3. The information Jeffrey provided were ideas and concepts that can be applied immediately and in some cases with little effort to generate a great return. My favorite piece of information shared with us was the reasons not to feel guilty about doing my job as a landlady. This provided me with the fuel/where with all to move forward fearlessly.” — Knalls (OH)

“OUTSTANDING! Jeffrey has helped me SO much by sharing his ideas. My business, and ability to handle it, is so much improved. Jeffrey is so knowledgeable and shares his knowledge so freely.“   — Deborah (VA)

“I manage 1800 units. Before I got to the boot camp, I was thinking I could probably teach him a few things, and what could he possibly teach me? However, I was blown away by Jeffrey’s training and all he had to offer.”  — Amber (FL)

“Mr. Taylor, I just wanted you to know that I attended one of your bootcamps about a year and a half ago, and just this year, my apartment community was voted as the best in the city.”  – Rental Owner, Raleigh, NC

“The best thing was the quality of teaching and the excellent systems that we can now implement. Plus there’s lots of ideas to increase cash flow!”  — Jack (VA)

“The Landlording Bootcamp has changed the trajectory of my investments and my overall outlook on the business.  The quality of the content in Jeffrey’s material is supported by decades of proven success, and has no equal in the marketplace.  It is no exaggeration to say that attending the Bootcamp will go down as a red-letter event in my investing career.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom Jeffrey, and I look forward to the next event.”   — Dan Rountree (NC)


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