“I made an extra $1,274 the first month from just one idea and residents were thanking me.”  — Shauna P.

“Your book on fees paid for itself in the first week from just the second page, and it continues to increase my income.”  — Marlissa H.

“We only had 8 fees in place, now we have 12 in place with more in the works.  Thanks, guys, awesome resource.” — Tyson L.



“Just used BRAD’S lease for the first time. It is Awesome. The Resident loved it. They had never seen anything like it before. I think it makes the whole process less stressful. We had a multi page lease with numerous places for the new Resident to initial. Now we have a talking lease, that covers everything we could have thought of, Thanks Brad.— Jeff MA



“I had  “My thoughts on his book? Well, I just read it again. I truly liked his book. It is not just for landlord but for investors as well. Dan made me do several things. He made me:
1) smile and chuckle at times
2) learned more than I originally thought I’d learn from Dan as a landlord and as an investor
3) think “Uh-Oh!” on various subjects that I hadn’t thought of before
4) learn to think big when it comes to purchasing buildings
5) learn NOT to revise residential agreement when should be using commercial agreement
Two additional things I must say about Dan’s book. One is that it is such an easy read with 194 pages. Two is that his book felt like Dan was sitting next to me, telling me his stupid mistakes. Oh! And, one more thing—I CAN NOT WAIT to read his next book.  *Hopefully, this hint will push him to write his next book faster!*” — by KaosProperties [IL]

“Well I received Dans Book today, this afternoon around 2pm. I was anxious to read it because the Table of Contents looked good and was why I ordered it. So while my husband was doing the driving as we were making our rounds, I began reading it in the car, and I have been trying to read it every chance I get because I just can’t put it down. (I’m already on page 48).
Let me tell you this. It’s been a long time since I have been able to sit down and enjoy a book that held my interest. And as I’m reading it I find myself shaking my head up and down when I agree with everything he’s saying and then shaking it from side to side, to say, “I know what you mean”.  This book is different than most books. It is about Dan’s life and how he became successful by making mistakes. It is right on the money! So true from the mistakes to the successes and I’m only on page 48.

If you have been in the business a long time, you will love reading this book. It’s like being with another landlord who has gone through the same stuff we went through. A “Relating” type book.  For those newbies, it is a true “peek into your future” type book that is not boring but interesting and at the same time, educational. And it’s done in such a manner that you can visualize everything he is saying in your mind, and when that happens, one usually doesn’t forget.  Dan talks about a lot of good stuff. Logical things that we all should look for when investing, but it’s not done in a How To but in a “What happened to me” type setting.
It is funny! It is real! It is RIGHT ON! And as soon as I rest my eyes a little bit from all this reading, I’m going to read some more. I can guarantee you that I will finish this book within the next two days if not sooner. Congratulations Dan on a marvelous book. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was good!  Oh,and thanks for getting that book to me so quick! MRLandlord team.  Oh…and can I say I think it is going to be a best seller! That’s my prediction Dan. You wait and see!” — by Nancy [MI]

“I read Dan’s book, Stupid Mistakes of a Self-Made Millionaire Landlord. The book is a quick, easy, informative read. This is a landlord book that you will finish reading. I give it a 10.” — by Laura [MD]

“I am reading it. Good book. I liked the s8 stories and plumber stories etc. $125 for 5 minutes-sounds like my plumber. Congrats to you Dan. Nice readable book. We have had to deal with similar problems. It’s nice to see a kindred spirit. Best wishes.” — by Billy B. [MA]



 “The BEST Landlord book that goes over all the basics is LANDLORDING by Leigh Robinson.” — by Mario [CA]

“Yes — definitely Landlording by Leigh Robinson is full of useful information on all those situations you just can’t anitcipate when you get into this business — unless you read the book first! Every day dealing with tenants and repairs kinds of stuff. Easy to look things up quickly, and all kinds of forms you will need ready to copy.” — by Kerrie [NY]

“Landlording is a very readable and understandable text on landlording. It’s a great Landlording 101 textbook complete with usable forms (which you may wish to customize to meet your needs).I think it’s so great that I have given it to beginning landlords that I have sold property to.” — by Kathi [OH]



section8biblevol2 “I bought the Section 8 Bible book, and it’s pretty good. Color pictures and good writing. Most of it is about how to finish your property minimally so that a) it will stand up to the abuse of Section 8 tenants, and b) it will pass the section 8 inspection. Good info in general about “tenant-proofing” a building, and spending money wisely.” — by RR [WA]

“I found it enjoyable and useful and think any landlord renting to s8 should get it. I only have one s8” — by Billy B. [MA]

“A real estate friend of mine just finished reading it and lent it to me. I’ve been reading volume I at lunch. Lots of good information..” — by Gail K. [GA]

“Good information, yes…complete information, no. This book give a lot of print to the personalities of the author and his partner and leaves a lot of section details out. It’s a good starter book, but you will need to do a lot more research to be Section 8 competent.” — by Michael B. [NC]

“This is a great book! I bought the first one just to see if it was worth it, and Volume 1 was fantastic so I purchased Volume 2, which is really good as well. Looking forward to Volume 3.” — by Adam [CT]

“This book is great! It is worth every dollar and more. This book really motivated me. This book is a must if you are renting to sec 8.” — by Dominic [MN]



6c314522-27d5-4fbd-b4f0-3f44ce8eac90“This is a super special on Mike’s book and the CD. Mike’s book Landlording on Autopilot is a book I recommend for ALL landlords, both new and seasoned pros. He brings in over $1 million in rent and has some great ideas to streamline. His specialty is bringing in more than 100% of the rent. And yes, it’s worth it The good stuff does NOT come to you – you have to get it! Multi millionaires do not come knock on your door.” — Brad 20,000 (IN)




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  1. David Breen

    The Section 8 Bible was the best Landlording book I have ever read, period!. It’s worth every cent and Volume 2 was even better. Lot’s of great idea’s on how to save money and funny as hell. I highly recommend it.

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