“It’s been a bit over a week since the convention ended. What made the biggest difference for you?  I walked away with a long list of action items to help me improve my rental business, plenty of notes and a couple courses to study. The thing that made the biggest impact on us, however, was the people we met. My wife and I enjoyed the warm welcome and immediate camaraderie of our fellow landlords. My wife hasn’t had much involvement with our rentals and thought she’d feel left out. That was not the case at all and after attending the convention she’s interested and involved (Thanks)!” — bssterl [NH]

Wow, what great information at the Mr. Landlord Convention in Nashville! Awesome speakers and information plus FREE gifts!” — JustinTN [TN]

“This is my day job…. Learning how to maximize cash flow from other successful multi-millionaires.  This convention, as well as the cruise, has not only built new friendships but has increased my cash flow tremendously.” — FLBoy [FL]

“Loved the convention! We were implementing new ideas before we even left Nashville and can’t type fast enough as I update multiple forms with the new ideas generated from this event. I am Stepping Up!  From weekly payment options to death adendums, whether new ideas or just seeing how someone implemented an existing idea, I am a better landlord and property manager after this trip.  Thank you, Mr. Taylor and your wonderful family and staff for all the hard work.” — SRNdive [MO]

Thank you all for such a mind expanding experience. The conference itself, and the attendees who honored me by sharing their knowledge and answering my many questions, were amazing. I had tunnel vision prior to the conference and was on a path to purchase property via the MLS listings and then rent it out to a tenant. My eyes were opened to so many other preferable options for purchasing and handling real estate. Plus, I made so many new friends! My hubby’s eyes glaze over when I talk real estate but now I have many people who enjoy talking about real estate as much as I do. Thank you to everyone at the conference!” — Tracy [IN]

“Awesome convention!! First class! Great hotel. The VIP meal plan is VIP. My first Mr. Landlord convention and definitely not the last. Met Jeffrey at the Long Beach AOA convention and have been thinking of coming to the convention which coincided with my shopping center convention in Las Vegas (this week). I really appreciate everyone being in one large room, not having to make a decision between this speaker or that one simultaneously. All of the speakers are VERY knowledgeable and great presentation skills. Some funnier than others. (Steven). Also, the speakers were very friendly and approachable. I had been chatting with several of them and did not know who they were. Lots of ideas to implement when I get home.    California is well represented in Nashville. One couple drove 30 hours. Wow!!!” — Nell [CA]

“This is my first convention, and there is so much information that my head is swimming. Every speaker has provided seemingly boundless helpful information in an interesting manner. My only question is, “How can I pull out a few practical steps that I can take and put into practice immediately rather than be so overwhelmed by it all that my mind stays numbed by overload?”   The setting for this convention is lovely. Fellow participants, as well as speakers, have been warm, open, and approachable. I have especially enjoyed and appreciated the people that Jeffrey has pulled from the ranks of participants to share some of the secrets to their success and am grateful to Jeffrey for giving them that opportunity to step up and benefit all of us.” Virginia [CA]

“The big day is here! Pookie’s 5-year plan started in Spring of 2012.   Yep, she is giving her 2 weeks’ notice at her job.  One week short of her birthday.   Folks, we thank everyone here who has helped with advice, inspiration, and encouragement.   Newbies, you dreams can come true.  We are proof.  Educated landlording is the key.  Go to local meetings, read the books, and Jeffery’s conventions.  It made the difference for us.  Looks like a Freedom Jeep, cruise, and some ice cream will be on tap this evening.  Landlord up! ” — Lee (IN)

“I have just returned from an all day Conference sponsered by Jeffery Taylor with It lasted from about 9am till after 9pm. There were 2 main speakers, Albert Aiello who is a CPA and a real estate invester and an attorney who is also a real estate invester. The cost of the Conference was cheap but the information I received at the meeting was far greater than I expected. If I get the opportunity to attend another Conference you can bet I will be there. Thanks Jeffery and everyone else involved in putting on the show in Norfolk.” — by Mike W. [VA]

“My wife and I really enjoyed your conference and seminar and learned a lot also. Thank you so much. This was the second one for me, and the first for her. Thank you, and looking forward to the next seminar.” — by Larry T. [VA]

“I really thought your conference in Norfolk a couple of weeks ago was possibly the best I have ever attended.” — by Owen P. [VA]

“I had the pleasure of attending your conference in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. It was a wonderful and highly informative afternoon. Simply said, it was fantastic. I really appreciate how you provide the neccessary information to transcend an ordinary (common) landlord to a superb landlord with numerous tools. Not only do you provide the tools to help the actual landlord, but you also provide the information for us to help our “residents”. You are providing a service that is second to none. Keep up the great service.” — by Richard [CA]

“Hi there – just wanted you to tell Mr. Taylor that the MrLandlord Conference in Baltimore was a great conference. We learned a lot, bought a lot and plan to get right into it all! Thanks again and let us know when you plan on having another conference – maybe closer to NY” — by Noreen and Wayne [NY]

“Jeffrey, A note of thanks to you for an excellent conference in Baltimore. My wife and I enjoyed the day. Having recently retired and moving our collective engeries into real estate investing your session gave us much needed information. In fact, we were educated beyond expectations. We now have our business (LLC) up and running thanks to the attorney and his staff and just last week closed on our first property in the new business name. Albert Aiello’s information is driving us on record keeping and tax management. Plan to open “ClearView” account and begin our rent collection via that service. The list goes on but, simply put our day of invested time is paying back many fold. I had previously been devouring books on the industry trying to come up to speed on something that was very foreign to me. You, your newsletters and day in Baltimore have given us a quantum jump ahead. We find the newsletters insightful and the website a great resource. Thanks again for your time, energy and devotion to this industry. You are a great resource and inspiration. Warmest regards,” — by John R [PA]

“Pleasure is the only way to describe what Jeff does (offers at conferences). Three seminars and two cruises later, I’m still absorbing all the knowledge that is available. I can only say to each and all- if you follow Mr. Landlord’s suggestions plus LISTEN to other attendees you will have turnovers-not vacancies even in this market” — by Murie [NY]

“The one day West Coast conference was packed with information and ideas. All the information was a little overwheming for us, as this was our first Mr. LL event. However, it gave us a great overview of the complexity of asset protection and risk management. We’ve got allot of work ahead of us!!  I’m even more convinced that it was a good idea to move up with more units…the effort and knowledge it takes to be a good LL is a full time job. It was great to be surrounded by professionals and those of us who aspire to being pros in our chosen field of endeaver.
The speakers were the following:
Jeffry (Mr LL): lots of practical and creative ideas for treating residents with respect and keeping them from moving. A great speaker who connects well with the audience.
Attorney: A good overview of setting up the LLC, hot and cold companies, equity stripping… good modivation to do the paper work to set up the protection.
Albert Aiello: Loads of aggressive ideas for saving taxes. I especially liked his ideas on bonus depreciation (i.e.parking lots) and component breakdown where you depreciate each item of personal property separately. How about writing off a party if the invitations are on company letterheads and you take pictures of business associates in attendance.
Wright Thurston: Buying medium sized Multi-Family units…really timely since we are just about to close on some. Some of his info was more modivational…I found some of his ideas simpistic and not doable in the SoCA market, but some good ideas, never the less.
Marvin Fleschman: Avoiding Lawsuits…a good overview of mold, mold remediation scams, the lessor know forms of discrimination, lead base paint issues etc… good speaker with lots of practical knowledge…
There was some marketing but not allot of pressure to buy. I never buy stuff at conventions, but really liked Titus and Aiello, so got their materials..we need to learn about this stuff now and the mentoring will be worth it… Aiello will go over our last year’s tax returns…I can’t wait for that!!” — by Leigh [CA] 

“Jeffrey, Thank you for another great (regionall) Mr. Landlord Training meeting. You should do them much more often.” — by Frank [VA]

“Well the wife and I just got back from Boston. To sum up the conference….wow! It was my first time hearing Mr Aiello speak along with the attorney. They were both great and will be saving me thousands literally in the future from what I learned from them.
I was fortunate enough to meet James(MA), Dan and his wife (MA)along with CTLL(CT) and visit with them for a while. All these folks are very sharp and great people. I had dinner with another CT Landlord and we chatted the night away swapping stories ect. (Strangers before this conference). It was great and my wife and I are reinvigorated with are investing/LLording.
So I bought the Goldmine from AL, along with his 1031 course and set the ball rolling on my asset protection. In my opinion, you can’t afford not to have these books/info.
Once again, Thanks Jeffery for a great conference. And it was great meeting and putting a face to the names of my fellow LLords. Dan, we talked about going on the cruise for 3 hours on the way home. We just have to set the time aside and stick to it.  Great time!!” — by Els [CT]

“Glad that Jeffrey scheduled in the Northeast so we could meet fellow posters from this area. Meeting our fellow posters was an added bonus to the excellent speakers and topics that gave us a wealth of information from Al Aiello’s Goldmine of Tax Strategies and 1031 Money Machine, to Protecting Your Assets. Especially enjoyable was hearing Mark Sumpter relate his start, success, and strategy on buying fixer-uppers and foreclosure properties. And of course, Jeff Taylor’s charisma and presentation left us wanting to see and hear more.
Because of the bad weather forecast, it was a long day – getting up at 4am, leaving at 6 and arriving home at 8:30 pm for our 1 and 1/2 hour drive to Boston from Stafford Springs, CT – but well worth it.” Thanks Jeffrey for coming to the Northeast area and giving us an excellent conference agenda.” — by CTLL [CT] 

“Mr Landlord,
I recently went to your Northeast Conference in Auburn Maine. I enjoyed the conference and came home with a lot of great ideas. Thank you for having the Seminar.” — by Leona [ME]

“My wife and I are new investors/ landlords and just returned from our first ( but not last) landlording convention in Nashville.  Wow, our heads are spinning with all the information and ideas we learned and all the wonderful, caring speakers we encountered.  This IS a business and ,,as such needs to be conducted in a profesional serious manner.  But having FUN is a HUGE part of it too and the convention was just a small part of that.  Nan and I would also like to thank Jeffrey and Dot for their efforts in bringing this all together. We’ve so much to learn and much more information to absorb from the books and tapes we purchased.  LEARN every day…. your $$$$ will grow as your knowledge does!” — by Kevin [TN]

“Jeffrey had a 1 day class in DC/Baltimore metro area this weekend. I have seen many Real Estate speakers and I have to say Jeffrey is among the best. As others have said, if you get the chance to hear him speak, don’t miss the opportunity.” — by Laura [MD]

“I listened to Jeffrey Taylor on a teleconference and it blew me away! This man’s techniques are absolutely positive ways that landlords all over the world can improve their residents stay for years. These techniques make so much sense, and operate on the golden rule in order to keep your residents happy and keep your home occupied. I loved the teleseminar and will listen over and take notes. Can’t wait to implement these techniques! Thanks Jeffrey!” — by Rhonda [SC]

“The 1st Annual Convention in St. Louis was very well put together with GREAT speakers and excellent information. A very good value. It was also nice to meet some of the regulars here (Maggie-LA, Patty-MO, Carolyn-MO etc..) Thanks Jeffrey! See ya next year.” — by Matt [MO]

“I just returned home from the First Conference of It is the first time I heard Jeffrey Taylor speak and I can say he is charismatic, humorous, and knowledgable. He has unique ways to help make landlording more profitable. The entire 3 days, I didn’t attend the last day special on Lead Based Paint, were challenging and informative. It is nice to meet a group of Real Estate Investors and be able to easily discuss problems that you may have in common or just talk about questions you may have. These three days were filled with a wealth of information from the presenters as well as the participants. I am certainly looking forward to next year’s conference. A very good job done by Jeffrey and Dot, his wife. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet you.” — by Barbara [MO]

“I want to thank Jeffery and all his fellow speakers for a outstanding time. The last three days was the best time I have had “going to work”. Don’t blow your chance to see Jeffery speak if he comes in your area. So much information was thrown into three days. Jeffery had speakers that answered any question thrown at them and wanted more!!!! Speakers that love their jobs and willing to share their knowledge and not hold back! A+” — by Randy [IL]

“I thought the MrLandlord Convention was fantastic, myself. Based on the few people that commented here on the Q&A prior to the convention, I was expecting about 20 people to be enrolled. In reality, there was probably over 150. As someone whose been on one of Mr. Landlord’s cruises (and scheduled again for the upcoming one) I can tell you that I thought it was a lot like the cruise (without the exotic ports of call). The similarity was that all the speakers were staying right there with us for several days and you’d run into them in the halls or the restaurant and be able to discuss all sorts of things with them. Also, like the cruise, it wasn’t one of those shows where speakers allude to a few ideas and then tell you that you have to buy their course in order to get the details. Sure there was some course selling going on, but that didn’t seem to be the speakers’ main focus – they conveyed all kinds of valuable information to us. Well worth every penny spent!” — by Dan [MA]

“Hello Jeffrey! I enjoyed myself very much at the National Convention. I am looking forward to next year. All of the speakers were great! However, the attorney alone made the price of admission worth it. The information regarding lead based paint was priceless. This convention was outstanding and it is a tough act to follow. I hope you can rise to the occasion for the 2nd Annual National Convention. Good Luck!! You truly have your work cut out for you and your staff.” — by Geoffrey Griffin [OH]

“What a great investment of money and time! I’ve never been so overloaded with awesome information and ideas about real estate, landlording, taxes and estate planning. This was also a great place for networking! Without this convention I wouldn’t have ever met as many fellow landlords. I feel I’ve developed a great network of people that will be able to help me with ideas and future real estate deals! I’m looking forward to the 2nd annual convention.” — by Brad [IA]

“The Convention was terrific. Lots of great information. The personal meeting with the attorney, and getting all the tax codes that are available to landlords from the accountant was extremely valuable. It’s hard to put a price tag on the amount of helpful information that was available. Unbelievable. I look forward to the next conference…If you missed it, you missed a TREAT, make sure you sign up early for the next one.” — by Tingram [IL]

“The convention was great, all the speakers were very knowledgeable and entertaining, especially Jay Decima. You can never learn too much in this business and when you think you have experienced all the challenges of being a landlord, you are reminded that it is easier and cheaper to learn from your peers rather than the tenants. I’m involved in Boy Scouts and their motto is “Be Prepared”. Well, this convention better prepared me for the landlord challenge, ie, asset protection, pets, lots of useful forms, (I know paperwork is a pain but I always approach each tenant and property lease as if I will have to go to court, “Be Prepared”), tenant selection, taxes, etc. It was time and money very well spent, obviously, I recommend it! Thanks Mr. Landlord, Jeffery Taylor” — by Don [MO]

“I must admit that I have not been on the website as often as I like but I felt compelled to tel you this. I have recently attended the first annual MrLandlord Convention and I just wanted to tell you my thoughts. My husband and I have spent literally thousands of dollars on seminars – all learning a lot at each one. I found your seminar to be top notch and affordable. You illustrate the gift of giving back my letting people attend the seminar and making it affordable to purchase the materials also. Thank you for sharing. the knowledge and I have now made a regular date with your website!” — by Virginia

“We went to the conference last year and have already signed up for this year. If you want to learn about landlording and investing it will be very beneficial for you. Plan on some intense learning sessions where you can take notes, get handouts, and then go home and go over it all again. You will gain lots of knowledge, meet some very good people, and have the chance to learn from some of the best, including Aldo whose knowledge and willingness to share I greatly admire.” — by Dave [FL]

“I went last year. I had just finished college and couldn’t find a decent job. I went along with my dad, primarily because I had nothing better to do. I was completely blown away by the speakers. Even better than the speakers, were the vast amounts of experienced investors. It seemed as if each person I met had another brilliant, feasible way of making money. I’m not saying I have become ungodly wealthy in a year’s time, but I have amassed 13 units and what is now a modest, passive income. I know this sounds hoaky, but honest to God, the convention changed my life.” — by Jeff Pitts [IA]

“Tired. Inspired. Amused. Overwhelmed. What a roller-coaster weekend (2nd Annual MrLandlord Convention). Great speakers, great attendees, and a fabulous host. I can’t wait to interact more regularly with the Q&A contributors as my wife and I begin our real-estate fueled trip to financial independence. Thanks, Jeffrey, and keep it up.” — by Steve [TX]

“In 27 years of landlording, I’ve seen my share of symposiums and conferences, workshops and conventions, meetings of all kinds and chats over coffee. What I hadn’t seen was a star-studded and education-intensive gathering such as Jeffrey’s convention. With the exception of investing in farm, industrial or mega-commercial property, I can’t think of a RE investment topic that was overlooked. To para-phrase an old adage, “If you missed it once, shame on the promoter. If you missed it twice, shame on you.” — by Aldo [WI]

“The 2nd Annual Convention was fantastic. I was especially impressed with Robert Shemin and Bill Bronchik: truly great speakers, knowledgeable and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed hearing Lonnie Scruggs describe his latest ventures. Who knew that mobile homes could ever be an interesting subject? But even though I am unlikely to invest in them, I still took a lot away from his presentations–including that ALL ways to make good deals are interesting, no matter what you are buying. (and that I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the negotiating table from Lonnie!!) I also really liked the ’round-table’ discussions, where we could hear good ideas from landlords in groups of 10 or a dozen or so. I enjoyed meeting Aldo, David (fl), Bobbie, Rafael, Tes (CA), Alfred, Randy, Carolyn (MO), Paul, Janet, Maxine, Peter…face to face is even better than the Q&A! Hope to see you again folks!” — by Suzanne [TX]

“WOW!!! What a great time I had! My head is spinning with all the information and ideas. ..Asset Protection..Financing Strategies.. Tax Saving Tips..Success much to think about. Thank you..Thank you Jeffrey!! I am so glad I invested a little time and money and came away with so much information and a renewed enthusiasm for the future. Thanks Jeffrey….I needed that!” — by Ginny [OH]

“Overall, I enjoyed the convention as well, and was highly inspired by such speakers as Robert Shemin, Lee Phillips (who was spectacular!), Lonnie Scruggs, Al Lowry, and a few others. They possessed solid, obvious knowledge and skills that drew others to them like moths to a flame. In fact, one could constantly find Lonnie Scruggs out in the hallway so graciously “holding court” amongst dozens of information seekers!! He was most impressive (none of this “I won’t tell you, you have to buy my course” business from him). Overall, it was highly entertaining and inspiring! Nice job, Mr. Taylor!” — by Nancy [IN]

“The landlord convention was awesome! It was one of the best seminars I’ve ever been to. The round table discussions were unbelievable. All the speakers seemed to be very accessible throughout the convention. Thanks” — by Shaun B.

“Last year it seemed the convention was crammed with information related to the landlord/investor biz. For me that is FUN!! I couldn’t care less about golf or other outings (sorry golf lovers). I am going to learn as much as possible about this biz. When I want just FUN I go on vacation, like Maui this September 🙂 and Sedona in November :)” — by Sallylee [AZ]

This is good. This is my second year, and it’s a smash hit again! I like this year’s information alot. There is less selling and more content.  Also, the attorney explained his services of asset protection and equity stripping much simpler than last year. I loved the content, networking and fresh ideas.  It’s been well worth it this year again!   Let me also add, that the convention keeps getting better!  this year I’m most excited about mike butler’s accounting solution. how many landlords have had problems with bookkeeping?  (lots!) Thanks to Mr. Landlord, we’ve gotten to hear lots of great speakers.” — by Jonathan A. W. [IN]

“I agree about the attorney’s presentation. The presentation was outstanding! The illustrations were clear,simple, and very down to earth. The entire audience was very engaged. You didn’t talk above our head! Everyone was involved, feeling connected with what you were communicating. Truly I appreciate the way you present complex material in a simple way, helping the audience understand what you are teaching to benefit them!” — by Jeanine

“The convention was great! Lots of fresh faces and friendly people made it easy to make several new friends that I had previously just typed to here… Just like last year the convention was a blast, and those that missed it, missed out. You have to join us next year for sure!” — by Sean [CA]

“What a great time!
Finally got back from the Mr. LL convention at one o’clock this morning (that’s another story). What a GREAT experience! Of course Jeffrey put up a good slate of speakers. Lots of energy. Each day was packed with information. Started at 7:00 AM with Sean’s workshop on sheet rock repair. Sean (CA), and Cheryl (KS) – thanks for the wall repair demonstration. This workshop was hands-on for many LLs. Everyone attending seemed to enjoy it. We had an impromptu round table with each LL providing his/her favorite maintenance tip.
Getting to meet fellow LLs from across the country was a real treat. Some of the regular posters on the Q & A made the trip especially worthwhile. Ernie Riddle ( – Nice Guy, and excellent product! Just think – One key for all your rentals.
Michael (CO), wishing you continued success in Boulder. Arnold & Kathryn (NV), Natasha, (MD), and Arthur (TX) are just a few of the professional, dedicated LLs I had the pleasure of meeting. Fellow LLs, if you have not attended in the past, I highly recommend making the next Mr. Landlord Convention. Thanks again, Jeffrey” — by Bill [TX]

“Like I told Jeffery, “I’m the most skeptical person you have ever met, I really enjoyed the convention and I learned a few things”. I have my accountant working on one idea right now. Could save thousands.” — by Rusty [MD]

“I can honestly say that I made money in Las Vegas!!! The information that I learned at the recent convention is going to help me make more money in my real estate investment business. Hats off to Jeffrey and crew for putting together another great event. My friend Shawn and I really appreciated the opportunity to learn so much from so many good speakers. It was also especially wonderful to meet the great people who post on the Q&A. Hello to all of you. I think that you are a great group of individuals!! To those of you who did not attend, I hope that you can make plans to attend an upcoming event. Continual learning is so important in this business. It is also a lot of fun to get together with people who share the same interest in real estate investing.” — by A. R. [ID]

“The Convention was a Great Crash Course for a Beginner. Was a little reluctant to go – because of beginner status – and long-running newbie/clueless fame – but sure glad I did. No excuse for someone starting out, to miss out on all the information provided.
It was a pleasure to meet everyone that I talk to on here. Also met a zillion great landlords that don’t post in the Q & A – and were more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge.
Wow – what a roomful of experience – from landlords that own one rental or over one hundred rentals – and all willing to share and encourage – and all with very different stories.
Great Group of Positive Thinkers.  In a Nutshell – it was Awesome. Great Experience. Great People. Huge Thanks to Jeffrey and Dot and RRR – and all the speakers. Great Presentations.” — by Mac [AR]

“There were a whole mess of LL’s from MO. Not sure what is going on up there, but they seem to have it together.  PattyK(MO) had several friends (other LL’s) in tow and they were nice enough to take time and tell some of us how to start a LL Association. Had lunch with her and you would not believe it! She had three hamburgers, a large chocolate shake and a huge pile of fries.
BJ took photos, did some incredible magic tricks and then reverted to his very most important role in life – he went back home to be a daddy, as his little girl has a recital. So much for the big “tough” guy image!
Sean did a very commendable job in outlining many trade secrets re: doing re-habs. They had to chase him out because there were so many Q and A’s that we would still be going! Very helpful – thanks.
If I tried to enumerate each one, I would forget some. So, rather than to go on, I will just say that I had a really nice time, I’m glad I went, I learned a lot and I enjoyed meeting many of the people that post here.
I was hesitant about going because I enjoy the anonymity of myself and of all the others. In a way, it adds something to the post when you do not know a thing about the poster.
I would recommend it to others. There were sales pitches, of course, but so what? Much info was given – too much to possibly take it all home with you. It opened my eyes to many opportunities and I intend to sort it all out and get started with renewed vigor – soon…
The convention is worth it for the camaraderie.
It is worth it for the presentations.
It is worth it to see, meet and get to know Jeffrey.
And, you will take home a feeling that lawyers can be really decent people. All this talk about Howard is not just rhetoric. He is the real deal.
Attending last year was one of the best things I did.” — by RRR [TN]

“Finally home from the convention. (Had to stop and look at a couple boats.) It was great seeing old friends and putting faces with some new names, even better meeting new friends too.
Sean, it was especially nice to finally meet you in person, and many thanks again for all you have done. I was relieved that I did not have to wear my referee shirt to the Mac vs RRR first round meeting. Hey BJ, I didn’t get to ask but I bet you don’t have any eviction problems huh. (I would not argue if he told me to move.)
Ah, but we all went there to learn, and it was a great learning experience. Lots of good one on one with each other and some of the speakers too. That lawyer dude from Georgia was the best one of all. I learned more about CYA from him in one night than from that Titus guy at several conventions and cruises.  Heck, as it turned out, he couldn’t even cover his own butt.
Speaking of Jeffery, he is no doubt the number one landlord guru of all time. When I first heard him in 1999 I thought he was crazy, those ideas would never work. But as Howard says, “if you practice” over time you will just keep improving. I can’t speak for others, but as I continue to listen and take Jeffery’s advice, my “practice” just gets better and better.
Jeffery, thanks to you, Dot, and all your staff for putting together a super event.” — by David [FL] 

“Being new landlords, we attended last years convention in Nashville. So much good information!!
The landlords here in this small, but rapidly growing town do things ‘the old fashioned way’.
Charging application fees, running background credit checks , checking references– even getting tenants to sign rental agreements are just a few of the things they DON’T do.
We struggled with all 4 units empty for a spell and even ‘broke a few’ (as above) and took pity on a young family and rented to them. That resulted in doing our first eviction!
Hope I can get the local landlords together as one of them rented to the folks we evicted and got burned too!
All four units are now rented; one of them I have a co-signer on because of some shaky background.
BEST INFO LEARNED and USED ? Auto pay by tenants. They get a small break on the rent by depositing directly into the business account. THIS is GREAT! They save a stamp and we don’t have to chase them or even go to the post office.
One tenant is on the ‘pay day rent plan’. That’s a good profit maker too!
Thanks, Mr. Landlord; see ya in Nashville again!” — by KAW [TN]

“Last year in Nashville was GREAT! Presenters are excellent, and I think everyone went home with something from Howard Spiva, who is an outstanding presenter as well as friendly, informative fellow LANDLORD, full of new ideas. Great to meet all the friends through Jeffrey’s and Dot’s hard work at the conventions, and Jeffrey’s having this website for us. PattyK would be great to have as a Presenter. She’s helped me out this year. I went a day early last year so I could see Nashville for the first time. Wonderful trip and convention. Thanks, Jeffrey.” — by Irene [CA]

“When you started out as a newbie LL, did you have any idea about what you would pay for your education to get to a level of comfort that you knew how to handle any and all events/problems that you would be facing as a new LL?
Turn this around to the opposite …how much did your mistakes cost you because you did not know the rules/laws/regulations?
The one true rule is that we learn as we go…and most of us learn “on the job” and “from our bad experiences” and thanks to this Q&A, we also learn from the good and bad experiences of others…
There are other ways to expedite our LL education, i.e., networking with other LLs…
That can be done by joining local LL associations, and another way is to attend the Mr. LL Convention.
To me the concept of LL education is never ending…just when we think we know it all…we get whammed by a new problem that we have no idea how to handle…
Certainly this Q&A helps to a point…but some need more than the Q&A…so one well proven step is to attend group meetings like the recent Mr. LL Convention….where you can purchase “canned programs” as well as talk after hours with other LL’s..
I often overly brag about the Irish Camelot world…but even the Camelot world is never absolutely perfect…
while I have minimized many of the normal tenant issue problems…now and then…well we face difficult issues that we have not faced before…and sometimes those issue are costly…
I suspect that if we would take a poll…of those who have attended the Mr. LL conventions/cruises the majority would well spent….in their LL education..
Another benifit is that you are developing a network off of folks to bounce “what if” issues with others…
I have now expanded my “network” due to meeting James-MA and Howard-GA…and many others this past week…as well as I suspect they have also expanded their network…
Bottom line is attending a Mr. LL convention is chump change compared to what you will pay if you don’t…and if you do not recognize that you as a LL need “more education” to become a smarter LL…..” — by Irish [MD]

“We made it back from the Convention and WOW did we have a great time! The opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones that are like-minded was worth the trip alone. It is so hard to meet people in our area that have similar attitudes and goals. The speakers were top notch as usual and Jeffrey’s energy, organization and genuine interest in other landlords is unbelievable. Best of all the hotel was pet friendly so “Milo” our dog had a wonderful getaway too! Thanks Jeffrey & Dot and we’ll see you on the Cruise!” — by Natasha & David [MD]

“Jeffrey Taylor-
Great Convention in Nashville!
My head is swimming with new ideas to implement in my real estate investment “business”. There was so much information to take in and absorb!
You assembled a great group of speakers to cover all areas of “the business” My hats off especially to Howard Spiva who is thoroughly passionate about creating a wealth machine with the premise of giving back to others.
Howard-You’re terrific! You are one to make things happen, have incredible vision and goals. Kudos to you, I hope you make the cruise so I can talk with you more!
It was so good to be with other like-minded investors wanting to grow and better their business. The opprotunities to network with everyone including the speakers was worth a million bucks alone! You delivered as you promised and now its up to me to take advantage of the knowledge provided. Thanks for the advice, ideas and common sense ways to better my wealth machine!” — by John Adams [MI]

“Many Many thanks to Dot, Jeff and all the other hard working folks at Mr.LL for a fantastic convention in Nashville! We are home, and we are listening to Al Aiello’s program. Thank you Jeff for helping us to stay up to date, informed, and focused on our goals while networking with so many fine smart people…..isn’t that what conferences are for?! We had a nice time meeting your friends Francis and Peter durning lunch. What a wonderful and warm couple they are. We have learned so much and thank you once again for putting together such a dynamic fun filled conference. I just wish all your pupils would have attended as the busy summer RE sales/rental season draws near. For us, it will be a less hectic with the knowledge and tools we learned while at your conference. With Kind Regards,” — by Denise B. [NV]

“WOW… What a great few days Nan and I had. Jeff and Dot hosted a reception dinner on Wednesday night that we were invited to. The round table conversation was a fantastic way to start things off & dinner was unexpected , but greatly appreciated.( and quite good) THANKS JEFF AND DOT!
Nice hotel and staff as well. Good job on getting us that lunch deal!
This was our second convention in Nashville. After attending last year, I, as a brand new landlord IMMEDIATELY implemented some of the concepts learned & began using the credit check service.
Utilizing that service and the direct deposit rent payment and the pay day rent ‘PROGRAMS’, have made our lives far simpler and more profitable. We added just one rental since then ( a single family home), and all 4 units are full.
We also sold one land parcel and I’ve recently obtained my realtors license and have 3 of our land parcels now listed.
Our goal now is to double our rental units in 12 months.
I agree with another poster that some of the sales pitches were overbearing. In fact, I’d been really leaning towards purchasing one speakers course, but became repulsed by his barrage of ‘cheap’ promotion and opted out.
Larry Goins was a new fresh voice ( to us) and we are eager to begin learning and using the material on the course we purchased from him.
Wendy Patton added some fresh ideas from last year and we’ll likely get her material next.
I’d gotten some of Marv Flescman’s material last year and appreciate his vast amount of knowledge.
What can you say about Howard; he’s always a hoot and a great source of knowledge and inspiration. Meeting and speaking with ED was nice too.
Overall,a tremendous amount of information and insight was offered.
Some of the material was the same as last year, but there’s ALWAYS something new to learn or a new way to utilize what you already know.
Once again, a GREAT job of putting this all together; see y’all on the cruise!”  — by KAW54 [TN]

“Greeting from the convention. DH and I are having so much fun putting faces to names and meeting others who are not on the Q&A.
Jeffrey’s ideas were inspirational and a flurry of ideas gave us enough to chew on for weeks to come.
“James gave a talk on Exit Stategies and Katherine, myself and DH did a panel on Long Distance LLing.
Professional speakers for the last two days included Albert Aiello, Robyn Thompson, Mike Butler, Scott Scheed, Alan Cowgil, Don Conrad. Kenneth Edmonds gave a seminar for the young people.
Last night a group gathered for a buffet at the Wynn where we all stuffed ourselves to get our $37 worth (Whew!) and then walking off our gluttony to the beautiful Venician Hotel, toured an art gallery, watch the gondolas and listening to music in the square. A very cultural, upscale evening.
Tonight was a drink on Irish in the elegant Renaisannce bar and then Chinese food in Vegas’s Chinatown.
Our “entertainment/eating club” includes DH, Leigh, James(MA) Bill and DJ from Texas and John and a friend from NYC and Irish and Sean in spirit.
Cat(WI)and Mike(Mo) and DW joined us in the bar earlier.
We just ran into Jeffrey in the lobby at 10 pm and he was as bright eyed and busy tailed as he was this morning at 7. Where does he get his energy?  A big hello from Jeffrey and all of us at the convention. We are having the time of our lives.  My net worth has tripled since I came here a few years ago and I attribute the Q&A forum and the conventions. ” — by Leigh [CA]

“I highly recommend you going. We’ve already booked space and hotel; we went two years ago and were very impressed. I have no doubt that Jeffrey will have an impressive line of speakers lined up.” — by David B. [FL] 

“05/07 in Nashville was great. In class from 8 till 5 and took a dinner break , came back for extra credit stuff. We met until 10 pm. Very rewarding , interesting, good camaraderie. It was a five hour drive, worth every minute. Wanted to take the cruise in December, but could not miss 16 year old son birthday. Highly recommend to all” — by Mark [AL] 

“Got home late last night and am happy to report that once again, I believe I got more than my money’s worth at the convention. While you can always learn some new things (and I did) sometimes, the motivation to do what you know you need to know is equally valuable. This was true for me in several areas. Hopefully, I’ll actually follow through now and make some changes.
I enjoyed meeting many of my fellow Q&A posters – thanks for your insights and for letting me bend your ear as well. It is always nice to have a face to put to a posting name [mine being one of the few exceptions ;>) ]. Hope all of my colleagues came home with some of Las Vegas’ money. (Thank you Wynn’s and the Hilton for paying for most of my trip.)
Thank you Jeffrey and Dot – you have once again proven to be a class act that puts on a valuable conference.” — (by Rich E. [IL] ) 

“Jeffrey & Dot!
Thank ya’ll and your organization for the great convention. I too met many new faces off the Q&A board, and of course saw some familiar ones as well!
It was great to see Dave and Natasha from Baltimore again, as well as James(MA) and yourself.
It was a privilege to speak alongside Leigh(CA) and JD on long-distance LLing, obviously a passion of mine, Leigh, and JD!!
And I thought Ken Edmonds was great! I wish my kids were a little older so they could have seen him and learned about financial literacy. I hope we have him back again in the future, and want my kids to hear his wisdom!
At convention last year we purchased several of the materials from various presenters. . .and I appreciate having the CDs to plug in while in the car and the other materials and ideas that are tools to improve our business.
But I do concur, meeting the other LL’s is the highlight of the weekend. How wonderful to meet Mike(MO), Steve(FL), Ernest(TX), DeeJay(TX), Bill(TX), RichE(IL), John(NY) and swap ideas, strategies, and experiences.
What a wonderful thing indeed. And next year Jeffrey, my spouse will join me and we will be there the whole weekend. . .just a little wiped out this time with the pregnancy!!!
A wonderful convention from my perspective!” — by Katherine [TX] 

“Hi Dot and Jeffrey,
What a pleasure it was being a part of the 2008 Mr. Landlord Convention! You and Jeffrey are such an inspiration!
Thank you for the great work you are doing. I’ve been home for 4 hours and all I have talked about is the Convention. My husband is impressed and eager to come to an upcoming convention…
I learned a lot from Jeffrey on how to be a proactive, professional landlord. The other speakers had a few nuggets too but it was more of them showing me what I need to learn.” — by Hlezi

“The 2009 convention was wonderful. It far exceeded my expectations. I have been a Landlord for years, yet I left with lots of new ideas to implement.” — by Laura [MD]

“It was a great time indeed. The most impressive speaker was Jeffrey Taylor, it was amazing to see what a hard worker he was, always busy and productive.” — by Jason [PA]

“I had a great time listening to the actionable information we got. I was in awe of the speakers that I had heard of as being leaders in their field, Leigh Robinson, Lonnie Scruggs, Jeffery too. They all were very approachable.
Amazing the level of experience of the attendees and the networking opportunities it presented. My family enjoyed the location, D.C., and I’m sure my 5 year old will be talking about the Smithsonian Museums and Zoo for a long time. This conference was a win-win for everyone!!!” — by Catherine [NC]

“Jeffrey, your Mr. Landlord convention this past weekend was sincerely one of the best events I’ve ever attended. There was such a high degree of content, great presenters, and a fantastic and experienced group of investors to network with. I’m very inspired. Your property management ideas are incredibly creative. I got a lot out of it and I’m very excited about the ideas from the conference that I’m in the process of implementing.
Again congrats on your success as well as the success of your son and family. Truly something to aspire to. I again thank you, Dot, and Justin for all your hard work and pure quality. All investors need to hear what you have to say.” — by Kevin T. [MD]

“I just wanted to thank you again for putting togethor such a wonderful event. I found it quite refreshing to be able to network and exchange ideas with such seasoned investors, virtuallly everyone in the room had something to offer!!!. You are definitely someone I could receive from, and I want to thank you and your wife for being so approachable coupled with your eagerness and willingness to share your gifts with others…What an inspiration!!! I wish you all the best and more…” — by Rikita [MD]

“Hi Jeffrey!
Thanks so much for such an informative convention! Glenn and I loved it and came back with more than plenty information to make AT LEAST $10k.” — by Diane [VA]

“Jeffrey was wonderful. This was the 2nd time that I had heard him speak. His presentation was energetic, informative, and motivational.  It was also nice to meet several of the Q&A contributors. All in all, it was a very positive experience for me. I hope to participate next year.” — by Smitty [VA]

“WOW, what a convention it was in Jacksonville, the weather was great, along with the boat ride on Wednesday.
The speaker were great, there were so many new ideas that were put out that everybody who was there came away with new ideas on how to manage their properties, make more money and how to keep your tenants longer.
Now is the time to think about the MRLANDLORD cruise in January. If you want to have fun and learn new ideas, you need to go.  See you all on the cruise in January.” — by rent101 [FL]

“Woo-hoo! Wasn’t that FAN-TAS-TIC!?!
I loved meeting the Q&A posters whose advice I cherish.
I loved getting ideas from folks in the hall.
I loved Jeffrey’s fresh ideas to increase my resident retention.
I loved Lou Brown’s system for selling houses to people who can’t get a loan – bought the course!! & already started my first deal this morning.
I loved Roy’s talk. He is the real deal & gave us some truly golden nuggets. Love that Alabama drawl!  We were so busy talking and re-energizing our dreams I missed the turn to Indiana on the ride home!!
I feel like a different person after this convention! It’s like I leap frogged over some hangups and am ready to hit it with a new vigor.
I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY with 2 of the major presenters. They are doing stuff I’ve never heard of. Really expanded my thinking. My vision was not just enlarged, it was ENGLARGED!
Cannot WAIT to dig into my new books CDs!
My new theory: getting away from our regular environment makes change easier. Get inspired by speakers, have a great meal with other crazies, back to the room and sit up talking until wee hours.
I LOVED meeting soo many posters! Seems like there were more this year. We kept asking each other if ___ was here, have you seen ____. We named many regulars and only a few were missing.” — by BRAD 20,000 [IN]

“The convention this year was great. All the speakers addressed topics pertinent to today’s real estate environment. Heard lots of suggestion and hope to implement some new procedures to improve cash flow. The attendance appeared very high. Not sure if that’s because St Louis allows so many to drive here or if more and more investors are understanding that NOW is the time to be buying and making money in real estate. Hope St Louis is a repeat for the 2012 convention.
Met with lots of old friends from various parts of the country. It’s so nice to be able to place a face with a handle on the Q&A for those who do post here. My favorite aspect of the convention is the people interaction. Interactions include round tables to allow everyone to discuss what’s on their mind, dinners with others, golfing, or just sitting in the bar. You just can’t get the face time on the computer or phone or even video.  Convention was great – thanks Jeffery and Dot for hosting a wonderful 3+ day event.” — by Mike [MO]

“Just made it home… our first MR LL convention.
WAY too much information to process!!! We made pages and pages of notes on how to improve. Already put some of the ideas into action!! Was great to see old friends again: Katherine, Blue, Freddie, Mike(MO), David, and I’m sure a few others.
Super great to meet “old friends” from the newsgroup for the first time: Jeffrey and Dot, Toya, Ernie, Brad, Laura, Virden, Roy, Barbara, Bryan, Brett, and many, many others.
Actually found a new friend, 800 miles from home, that lives 30 minutes away!
Well worth the money and trouble. We will be doing it again.
Thanks for pulling it all together Jeffrey!” — by Gevans [SC]

“Agree, it was an awesome convention. Speakers were packed with lots of info. Enjoyed meeting other landlords from around the U.S. Passing out business cards and making contacts. Thanks again Jeffery and Dot a first class convention.” — by Dave [MO]

“This was our second convention (we went to JAX last year) and it’s the highlight of our year, honestly. To meet people who don’t look at you as if you are crazy when you talk tenants and carpets vs. laminate and lead paint and HVAC and finding time for YOU and … well the list goes on. The depth of knowledge is amazing…

Jeffrey was a highlight every time he spoke. Brad was great as well, very fun talk…we didn’t officially hear Lou but talked with him the night before … sad we missed ‘the real thing’…I have a notebook full of notes and a long list of things to implement.  Last year, just two suggestions from the convention saved me thousands.” — by Wendy [NC]

“I did have the pleasure of making my very first convention in St Louis and it was FANTASTIC! It was a great learning experience and will sign up again if the good Lord’s willing! Hats off to you and your beautiful wife Dot and your staff for all of your hard work and efforts into the convention. Great Job!” — by AG [MO]

“When I came to the Convention, I hadn’t bought any new rental properties for many years. And after hearing Jeffrey speak at his Mr Landlord convention, I came away so inspired and motivated that I’m ‘doubling down’ and now buying a triplex. The deal closes at the end of THIS month. Thank you Jeffrey for your passion and energy for landlording. It is truly infectious!” — by Drew [CA]

“WOW!! This was my first convention!! Been on just about 4 years….to see where all this has brought me is hard to realize…and to think how many more years I have left…I am englarging my vision!
A Thank you to all who brushed shoulders with me and shared such wonderful stories of landlording. You people are truly amazing in the business of landlording and some of the most wonderful people I have met. Thanks so much for sharing!!
Brad (20,000) so very nice to meet you and your wife! You are incredible! You inspired me to do better. Enjoyed your presentation!
Thanks Great presenters! Loved the brainstorming….
A big thank you to Dot and Jeffery for seeing the vision of what landlords need and being so willing to share! Loved the focus on making the tenant so important…I thought I was doing a good job with this…however Jeffery really put the icing on the cake. Thanks for empowering me to focus more on “what my tenant wants” Thank you Toya, Justin and Dot for all your hard work behind the scenes it has not gone un-noticed!!
Looking forward to the next time and sharing the same vision…that of being landlords!!! By the way 3 days wasn’t enough so we started listening to the CD’s on the way home!!!!! Thanks so very much!!!! Anyone up for another convention next week? How about it Jeffery?” — by Steph [KS]  

“What great information from the convention.  I will be going to the. Cruise with my family And Also my Private Lenders want to come with their family. I met Landlords that come to this convention and the cruise every year.  I met Amazing Landlords and educators and what a privilege to meet Mr. Taylor and his wonderful family.” — by Vinny [NJ]

“Thank You Jeffrey & Dot for the Awesome conference in St Louis. I really appreciated you, the information you shared and the other top trainers on the planet that you brought in. I have been to several conferences and boot camps over the years and this was way more than I expected.  Am really looking forward to your boot camp in November and can’t wait for the cruise in February! Thank you again and it’s great to be friends!” — by John L. [MO]



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