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“I’ve been landlording for 25 years and, though I have no legal background I spend a lot of time learning about landlord/tenant law through reading and attending seminars as well as belonging to two landlord associations and networking with other local landlords. I must not fail to include the value of this Q&A. In the last year or so I credit Mrlandlord Q&A with helping me learn more than I have learned from any other single source.” — by Aldo [WI]

“Do you know how great this site is? On all the others I see someone will post a message and wait 2 or three days and maybe get one answer! Some questions get no answers at all and when they get one they have to take one person’s word for what is right. Here, people get multiple answers in a matter of hours. And they keep coming days later. And lively debates as well. Cheers to Mr. Landlord. Hip, hip . . .” — by Mailman [MO]

“Lord knows – I’m addicted!!! The interesting thing is finding different perspectives from all over the country. Never ceases to amaze me. And I can always expect to get answers even in the early dawn from my friends Mailman and Reid!!!!” — by MLR [MI]

“Yes, I am very addicted to this site. I log on every night, I might not have anything to ask somedays but I still like to read all the other posts. It helps me out a lot. There is this one particular site that I cannot stand. You post a question and you get a smart a… reply from some of the so-called-advisors, but not this one, no matter how dumb the questions may seem, you guys always give positive answers. Keep up the good work.” — by Alicia [MA]


“You all are great! Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses. I have just recently discoved this website. It’s like having access to an experienced consulting team of tenant/landlord specialists.” — by Bob [AR]

“I thank Jeffrey. There’s not a landlord association in my town, so this is the closest I can get to one even though I lose the exact flavor of my local area (courts, judges, etc.). If nothing else, this forum shows you how to think legally and logically so you know what your options are and what is fair from both tenant and landlord sides of the infinite variety of issues that come up. If nothing else, I’ve learned the value – no – THE ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of proper screening of tenants. God bless Jeffrey and all those that contribute to this site and forum!! I only hope I can give back a fraction of what I’ve gained from this forum.” — by PE [VA]

“When I found this site 6 weeks ago I couldn’t believe it! People all over the country going through what I was going through. And they could help me!!! Most of the time I don’t even have to post a question because it’s already on the board with numerous solutions, experiences and even witty responses! I love the heaven and hell of landladying and this discussion board is going to keep me in business.” — by Sheila [PA]

“I think your website is the greatest!!! It sure helped me get answers to a lot of questions. Thank you.” — by Nancy M.

“THANK YOU! I genuinely appreciate the responses to my questions posted a couple of days ago. I’ve been tied up this weekend and just now got an opportunity to check back on my question. I was overwhelmed at the number and quality of responses. This confirms what I have felt about this website…It is truly a community which encourages success and is willing to share constructive input. I will take the information shared and begin fine-tuning my goals.” — by Wally [TX]

“I always come here when I am looking for advice, ideas, etc. You can not put a price on the information here. Ya’ll are great!” — by Beverly [KY]

“I usually spend my lunch hour reading information on your site…it’s great!” — by Jolene

“I would like to thank everyone here that posts questions and of course to all that respond. I am in the process of buying my first property and the information I have obtained here by reading these message boards is invaluable. I promise to return the favor as I garner information and wisdom in the world of the Land Lord. Thanks!!!” — by Bofratt [FL]

“I have been reading the discussion board since October of last year. My husband and I have been L.L. since the 90s . We have 53 units in 4 apartment houses and do it all ourselves. The board is a valuable tool to read. I don’t respond much but read it daily. I was so happy to find a fellow MI. L.L. one day, I started logging in at the start of my day.” — by Viv [MI]

“I have had nothing but positive experiences here. I have ordered a ton of books and read the postings here daily. The knowledge I have learned has been invaluable. The best part about the advice given here is that is given freely, from experienced REAL Landlords about REAL situations, not some sales person working from a book hoping to sell you something. I encourage everyone to read through the postings daily to learn about the business.” — by Dan [IA]

“This is absolutely the BEST site for Q&A. I like the format. I like being able to read everyone’s answer and not keep clicking to read a question and then click again to see the answer. This is a well set up program. I can’t say enough good things about it. I am hooked on this site and visit it several times a day. In fact, it’s about the only internet site I visit with the exception of reading the daily paper and the obit column in lieu of getting my local newspaper. I like the “index” bar in the Q&A area. I sometimes check out the other topics here but mostly like the questions and answers and the input of other landlords. I must admit, however, some rude answers I’ve read on other posts have intimidated me and kept me from responding and giving my opinion. So that is the down side. But I do appreciate reading constructive criticism and often like to give it myself.” — by Rita [CT]

“I was lucky with my first tenants, who have turned out to be great and forgiving of my mistakes as well. They are leaving at the end of May, so I’ll actually have a complete cycle under my belt in June. Over the years I’ve learned that I have great beginner’s luck, but have to work pretty hard to compensate for lousy luck the second time around. I have really appreciated the chance to learn from so many highly experienced people here.” — by Kenny [CO]

“I want to say how impressed I am with this site. It seems to have a wealth of information and I’ve never asked a question without getting at least three or four replies. I would recommend this site to anyone considering investing in rental properties!” — by Greg [NE]

“I want to thank Jeffrey and all of you helpful landlords out there who make this site a daily gift. I appreciate your wisdom and insight and your willingness to share. Thank you!” — by TJ [TX]

“It’s been about a year since I found this site and the suggestions and tips I have gotten here have not only helped me become a better landlady, but saved me money. You’ve given me support and a kick in the pants when I needed to remember it’s a JOB, not a charity! And a good deal of it is dispensed with humor. I really believe this is the best site of its kind. Thank you Jeffrey, and fellow LLs… Aw shucks, I’m getting all mushy!” — by Kathy [MI]

“I haven’t been on this site but for about 7 months — but read through it just about every day, if time permits. I have always had ideas given back to me from others that were “sound” and “reasonable” options for me to think about. After all, that is what makes some of this really fun; to hear from others how they might approach an issue, problem, tenant, etc. By having this site, I feel like I am not just a LL “loneranger” out on the dusty trails alone and without other perspectives. I have probably made better decisions cause I ran ideas up the flag pole for other readers to shot the holes in my idea flags…..and for that I am bettered. I also have shot a couple of rounds myself into others flags. Load your guns, boys!” — by RRB [GA]

“WOW!!! What a resource!! Thanks Mr. Landlord!” — by AL [IL]

“I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve learned a great deal from the varied questions on this forum and from the LL’s who provide the time to help. My better half joined this site approx 2 years ago but we got away from it and then rediscovered fairly recently that it’s the best place to be for online resources and direct LL assistance and continued LL learning. Actually, I was participating in a forum on another site, a LL who frequents this site mentioned within that forum that if you really want great advice or answers, go to MrLandlord.com. Enough said, we are here to stay.” — by Gulfman [FL]

“What I love is the email notification feature, that automatically notifies you when someone has responded on the forum to your question. This service is great..I immediately posted another question based on the answers and responses to initial inquiry, I’m back asking another. Thanks.” — by Robin

“My husband and I are new landlords, renting out a single family home. I am so happy I found this site; it is like discussing things with a trusted friend or neighbor.” — by Marlo [MD]

“My husband and I became LLs about a year ago so I’m definitely a newbie. If it weren’t for this site which is full of feed back of ideas, suggestions, and advice, I really wouldn’t know where to turn. I read the posts every day even if the particular post didn’t apply to me because I never know if I might need it in the future. There are a few associations in my area but the LLs that I’ve met seem a bit closed mouth and are unwilling to share their experiences. Of course, legal issues need to be verified per state, accounting/taxes need to be verified but the wealth of knowledge that is given at this site is priceless. On my behalf, I thank all the ‘experienced’ landlords for willing to share their experiences.” — by Cher [FL]

“I’m just so thankful that I’ve found this website and all that it offers. It’s made a tremendous impact on my confidence level, my stress level, my tolerance level, everything! I’m only two years into my experience with rentals, and boy, did my skin have to get tough quickly. I already have a ton of stories of my own. I know that I am gaining from everyone else’s experiences through their posts, so please don’t underestimate how much those stories are helping us “newbies.” I look forward to seeing what the next year has to bring all of us!” — by Wyn [CA]

“I’m 57…been landlording for 27 years. I learn something new almost everyday on this site!” — by Mike [OH]

“This site is great. I go to this site religiously on my lunch break. Sometimes I forget that I only have 1 hour lunch break because I am so hooked on reading all the questions and answers. This site is very informative.” — by Noresa [IL]

“Since finding this board a month ago, I’ve been nothing but extremely impressed with all the knowledge and experience that is shared here. No doubt there are many very experienced investors contributing.” — by Catfish Charlie [MI]

“I’m a NEWBIE! Without you I would not be sitting here making the $$ I do, In the past 2 months I have doubled My earnings from Listening. Garnish 4 wages and now sitting back and collecting 10% of thier income. Roaches are gone, Tiles were placed in the kitchen yesterday from the quick review from previous post that were asked, and answered Promptly. THANK YOU!!
I have always taken my LL business serious, Since Finding the site, It has become personal and I’m more involved. To each of you, I THANK YOU!” — by Dawn [PA]

“I had been a landlord for over 25 years when I found this site and realized how ignornant I was about many things…. felt like a newbie. This board gave me an opportunity to transform my many mistakes into wisdom. I really knew what NOT to do. I felt useful being able to warn others and hopefully spare them the suffering that I went through. My business life really changed when I found this site. This community gave me the courage to grow my business. The knowledge I learned from others made me feel confident and professional. And when I need to vent, there is not a better group of folks than these.” — by Leigh [CA]

“The advice here is literally worth a million bucks, and this is the only place I have ever seen where such valuable information is given absolutely free. You could pay $10,000 to a guru and not learn half of what is given here for no charge.” — by CAW [OR]

“Applicant calls today wants to rent our vacant apartment. He’s in NJ, is relocating to upstate NY to start his own landscaping business (landscaping in upstate NY in December?) He’ll be moving as soon as his ‘settlement’ check arrives, should be here this week (sure…) He can pay us rent for six months in advance (is this a joke/test from another landlord?) About this time I let him know about the background checks, etc. He tells me he has a felony (what a surprise!) for a forged instrument from 8-9 years ago, he served time, but he’s trying to get past that. I let him know he doesn’t meet our criteria, and it’s a risk we’re not willing to take.
My point…I learned through this website to watch for all of these red flags, reading this site really does make a difference. We belong to a Landlord Association, but you just can’t get to this level of detail in those meetings, but when you read the discussions, read the fall-out, and then read the successes reported here, it certainly helps to solidify our standards. This website is one of the primary tools in my toolbox, it’s working! Thanks to everyone!” — by Barb [NY]

“I can’t put a price tag on all the helpful advice I’ve gotten here. The education from others in the business in a crash course delivery that is available only here is invaluable! The laughter. The stress eradicators. To be able to rant and rave like a loon here where others understand and can relate. So you don’t nail yourself to the cross, lose your temper with your tenants. Price? Priceless!” — by Josh [CA]

“Thanks to the experience and wisdom of this forum, I’ve learned so much helpful stuff.” — by NotThatJosh [CA]

“For me, it is so refreshing simply to be able to communicate with others who are doing what we do in terms of LLing. Locally I have no support network for this, so this has been a Godsend. My day job is far from the RE/LL bus. We live 2 hrs away from our rentals, so I can’t really benefit from the LL association in our rental area. My DH is my partner in this, but he primarily spearheads the maintenance/repair issues, while I handle everything else. So, to have help from across the nation to troubleshoot situations and share experience is simply amazing. There are sooooo many different issues that can come up in LLing that you can’t possibly experience all of them yourself. But you can throw out a situation on this forum and there are plenty out there who have who can offer valuable insight and direction. Amen! Someday, we plan to do the cruise or Vegas conference so we can meet some of you fine peeps. But for now, our Hellhole jobs call. :)” — by Drew [CO]

“This forum has helped me so much when I first started out. I feel like I gained years of experience through these posts, without having to lose a bunch of money from being naive! I now like to answer posts to help new landlords from being taken for a ride. Thanks again!” — by 4mm [CT]

“You do have a wonderful forum for landlords. I enjoy lurking on it as much as I enjoy posting on it. Some of the advice here has saved our behinds many times over. So thank you for running the forum and the whole MrLandlord.com. I have so much enjoyed meeting all the people from across the country and talking landlording. The perspectives are just incredible. We’re small compared to many on this forum, but we want to be much bigger. This is all we really do anymore. So many thanks to you.” — by Elia [IN]

“Hello Jeffrey –
I wanted to send you a Huge Thank You for providing your forum, sharing your knowledge, and allowing us to participate. I was finally able to turn the keys to my little yellow house over to a tenant, yesterday, after a three year struggle. I would not have made it without your forum, and the wonderful people who participate, and that is a fact. You offer a valuable service, that goes far beyond nuts and bolts of landlording, but also provides camaraderie, friendships, and a kind of support system that is hard to explain to someone who does not participate in that type of venue….a support system that carries on into many other aspects of life.
I’ve told the story of how you all helped me, to many people, and will continue to do so….some understand….some do not….those who understand will benefit with open minds and open hearts and I’m sure some of those people will do things in their lives that pass along the good will.
The people who came to help me will be dear friends forever….a very special group of people….as will those who helped me via the message board, who I did not get to meet personally….but will hold a special place in my heart for all their kind thoughts and help and support, and it was your hard work that led the path in that direction.
There is not a day that goes by, that I do not think of my MrLL friends, when I walk into those houses, and each of you were there, yesterday, when I handed the keys over. It was a pleasure to meet you and Dot in Nashville. I hope to run into you again, at another convention, with some landlording under my belt, the next time. I hope you and your family have many blessings during the holiday season, and on into the new year. You are a blessing to many people. 🙂 Thank you very much! The world’s longest running Landlord in training, and now official Landlord.” — by Mac [AR]

“I’ve been a landlord for 30+ years.
In my opinion THE VERY BEST landlording education you can get is right here. Spend just one hour each day reading all of the posts and you will rapidly become more knowledgeable than 90% of the landlords in your area. No kidding.
Also, learn the basic arithmetic of determining the cash-flow for a property. It’s not hard at all. Best of luck. Look forward to seeing you around.” — by TenantWhisperer [MA]

“After 10 years of buying and renting houses, I believe this forum is responsible for pinpointing my actions and making me an investor. I am one of the many who come often but post rarely. I sometimes feel like a kid in a candy store who has been told that I don’t have to pay for my treats. In fact this out pouring of generosity of knowledge and experience inspires me and I post solutions (hopefully) whenever I can. Thanks to all!! I’m glad you are here.” — by Gr8 [NC]

“Why I LOVE this board. Completely opposing points of view and all those in between, completely flushed out, from any number of completely successful landlords. So much to take into account…and THEN figure out what works best for your own situation.” — by Lizard [GA]



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