“Thank you for the excellent web site and resources you provide!!” — by Tracy [Minnesota] 

“This landlord site is the best site on the web!” — by Sydney [NC]

“I sincerely enjoy reading your web site. I am new at this business, and I need all the help I can get.” — by Shawn

“I just wanted to take a second and say THANK YOU for this very informative sight. Over the last two years the information and advice you have given for free has saved me many thousands of dollars. Anything to avoid the school of hard knocks is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work! Reminder there are thousands of landlords through the United States but your faithful followers will never be called “Slum Lords”. Thank You” — by Patrick [MO]

“It’s really nice to have this wealth of knowledge to draw from. Especially as a new landlord.” — by Bill [OH]

“I just want to thank you for the weekly tips featured on, especially the one which talked about getting your potential renter to show you proof of deposit for the utilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — by E Bell [PA]

“Enjoy your web site, newsletter, special reports, and your presentation to our association (NOREIA). Lots of valuable information and great ideas. keep up the good work.” — by George [LA]

“This is my first time to this site and I loved it. It has so much information for those of us who want to get into the real estate / landlording business the “professional way.” Keep up the good work.” — by Emeka [NY]

“Just a note to compliment you on your site. I think you have the most informative real estate landlord material on the web, and I wish you much continued success.” — by Raleigh Reese [NC]

“You have a great site that helps me to make better decisions in my daily routine. Thanks for being here.” — by Matthew

“I just want to let you know how impressed I continue to be with the wealth of resources available for landlords at your Website. Hearing you speak at the NARPM national convention a couple of years ago, then purchasing your materials and becoming familiar with your Website rank among the most valuable things I have ever done for my business. I teach the property management section of the broker license course at the largest real estate school hear in Utah. Every couple of months, I have 40 to 50 students. I always tell them something like this, “I used to hand out a list of books, periodicals, tapes, courses, etc. regarding property management and landlording which I have found valuable during my 25 years in this business. I no longer have to do that. All I have to do is give you two Web sites, and, and you can find everything you would need or want there.” — by Barney C. [Utah]

“In the few years that we have been landlords, your site has been our “lifeline”! Thanks!” — by Mrs. Martin

“Your site has helped me a lot with checking credit reports and I ordered your booklet for lease clauses and used that in my three units. The part that it helped with the most was identifying how tenants deal with issues they are uncomfortable with which has helped me to determine whether I was comfortable with the tenant. Thanks for your good work.” — by Tom

“Dear Editor — I am a newbie to real estate and currently looking into real property for flipping or “wraps.” Nonetheless, I saw your site recommended on the discussion forum at Creative Real Estate Online, I checked it out and Wow! With this much information and assistance for landlords, it makes it hard to rule out owning rental properties. In a sense though, some of my “wraps” will begin as lease options, so I’ll be serving as a landlord in a sense. I am sure I will utilize your site often, as there is a lot to learn and every little bit helps. Thanks for creating a great resource for investors!!” — by Valerie K. [CA]

“I just want to say that when I found this site I had just bought my building and had absolutly no idea as to what I was doing. I even purchased a lanlord/tenant book on line that I have opened exactly ONCE. The questions and replies on this site have taught me so much that now I can actually take care of business without being afraid of doing or saying anything that could get me sued. Even my husband is amazed at the knowledge I have gained through this site. So all I want to say is THANK YOU ALL!! You people rock!” — by Jennie [OR]

“Hey Jeffrey!, Just a quick thank you — I’ve learned so much on the website and I’m so grateful for the resources you provide. I closed on my first building last week and immediately ordered RentRight and the Forms CD. I was preparing to meet with my inherited tenants today. I watched your video one more time, I went through all the forms — and then I prepared my application form and rental agreements. At first these poor unsuspecting people thought I was a crazy woman. The Three Star Program and Major Maintenance Guarantee are revolutionary concepts in this area! The really great news is that by the time I left them, they thought I was the coolest lady landlord EVER! It was easy to appear very professional and competent because I had the right tools and for that I thank you! You set a high standard for landlording and it has already made me stand out to my new tenants as someone who takes this work seriously and who wants to do it right and treat them fairly.” — by V. Brown [Maine]

“I want to thank you for this WONDERFUL website. I know I will be using it everyday. I am a new landlord and need the help.” — by Terri Turner [NV]

“This website is very good. They sell the RentRight software through this website and at a discount. Instead of $90.00 it’s $75.00. That’s cool. This one is for up to ten units. I don’t ever plan on having more than that so it’s good for my needs. I could always upgrade later to more units as your needs change. There’s a free area in the website where I could get a free mortgage quote and also have my application sent out to 200+ lenders who will bid on my loan. That’s cool. I’d rather do it over the internet than any other way.” — by Monica 

“Thanks for being there! Your site is worth all of the costs of membership and materials and then some.” — by Sydney

“I can only comment on the information given, the question & answer part, the book sales, and the credit check. I find these parts excellent and a godsend to both new and experience landlords. Totally professional — I have recommend the site to many other people.” — by Mario [CA]

“The calculators on this site are a great resource.” — by Mosaic [CA]

“Our goal is to acquire 12-15 additional properties in the next year. Thanks for putting together such an informative web site.” — by Ric S.

“I just wanted to say that this is far out the best website any landlord can consider looking at.” — by Rodolfo

“I’ve been a rental owner for almost 30 years. I’m so grateful for finding your site, and thank you for the services you provide.” — by Jessica D.

“This site is ok. Please. It is fabulous! I greatly appreciate the effort that is put into it.” — by Curtis [MD] 

“I want to express my gratitude to all of you and others who have answered my questions from this site. This site is a blessing to us all, both to the new and the old, to the beginner and veteran, to the rich and to those who wanted to become wealthy through real estate knowledge. Most of all I want to thank Jeffrey for his creativity and insight in helping us. May we continue building our wealth by helping others. Grace and peace multiply to each and everyone of us as we harvest the wealth of the land and help others do the same thing and shelter those who are in need of rental properties.” — by Roy [FL]

“Just bought the Landlord Kit……Wanted to let you know your website has been a fantastic source for me.” — by Don

“Lots of good information and it’s all in one place!” — by Julie [Texas] 

“You have a great website and a HUGE amount of materials. I am glad that we have such a resource. And just so you know, I have checked out about every other site, similar to yours, that I could possibly find — and yours is by far the most complete, the most helpful, and personal. Thanks!” — by Bert [KY]

“Great stuff on this site, and getting better all the time. A good example is the new reporting to The Big Three of bad debts. I am a fierce hunter of tenants who steal from me, and this will be one of the best tools in the box. Lots of good friends here and I enjoy the different points of view. I quote information from posters often.” — by Brad [MO]

“I love your website and all it has done for me and my investing.” — by VJ [GA] 

“This is the best site on the web. I love this place. I also find myself coming here all the time. Thank goodness for innovation.” — by Chris [NJ] 

“Of course there isn’t another site like this one anywhere on the web. Oh there are other imitators but nothing compares to the quality of this site and always anxious to make it even better by filling requests and idea’s of the viewers, such as the picture page.  All of us are addicted. Can’t go to bed without checking it one last time before hitting the old sack and of course must click on when I first get up.  What is one going to do?
Priceless info given freely by experienced Landlords all over the country. Hitting on this web site was your lucky day if you came on it by accident. Once you see it, you won’t want to leave. Just my humble opinion which is shared by every single Landlord or viewer on this site.” — by Nancy [MI] 

“Chiming in here to reiterate my gratitude as well…
Although I am not a landlord, I am an agent for a property management company and live on-site. This website has been enormously helpful to me, because although I am not the owner, obviously all issues I face here are of utmost importance to him, therefore I personally require that I be as on-point as possible. Additionally, I have every intention of owning my own investment properties as my experience grows…I am soaking up all of this info like a dry sponge. This website and all of its contributors are absolutely invaluable to me.” — by Rebec [CA]

“I’ve been renting properties for 2 years and have gained more insight on this website in 2 nights! It’s very user friendly and has useful information and feedback. I’ll recommend this website to anyone owning rental properties!” — by Staci

“I want to THANK YOU! Your site is awesome. I have learned more since I have visited your site in one or two days then I have in my whole 10 yrs. dealing with rental properties. Many, Many Thanks keep up the good work.” — by Debbie

“I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone on this site as I was a newbie coming into this business and you have all answered my questions with some great advise and facts. Last night my partner and I collected our rents and can’t beat that our tenants always pay on time and always pay in cash! Boy I wish I had money to purchase another multi unit to build up my portfolio. Keep up the great advise investors, I give this site definetly an A for anyone starting in this business!!!” — by Ray [NY]

“I’m sure you’ve already heard this, but you are a great resource for everything Real Estate! Thank you so much Mr. Landlord.” — by Glenn [DC]

“I’ve really been enjoying this site – and appreciate all the help and encouragement that everyone has given me. I’ve learned a Ton of Info on here – that would have taken me a year of trial and error to figure out.” — by Mac [AR]

“This site and all you smart LL’s probably just saved me untold time and money and damages and grief with a “professional tenant.”
Woman responded to our “new and improved ad” the first night it ran. Couldn’t wait to see it! Showed up in a nice car, EARLY, clean, personable, paystubs in hand (good job!) eager and willing to rent. Couldn’t WAIT to hear from me. Showed her ID, filled out the application, eager, eager, eager. I was on TOP of the world Sunday night – so sure we had a “good one” in the bag.
Then, due to what I learned herein, I checked “just in case” the online court dockets in our area. SIX times this woman’s been in court just in the last year! YEAR! It’s hard to tell from the dockets but clearly some appear to be eviction and/or damages. What’s odd is sometimes she appears to be under eviction from more than ONE property in the same duration.
She, of course, claims “oh it’s not me!” I tell her to go clear it up and call me.  Oh yeah, I’m waitin’ by the phone for THAT call.  Again, just a short time ago I would have figured ID, pay stubs and “my gut” were all good. This time, I used my business head instead of my “we NEED to rent this!” heart and I feel I truly dodged a bullet. Something’s up with this chick for sure and I’m just glad I didn’t fall for it.  Of course, she’s so *believable* that I struggle still with “wanting” to believe her story (this is a divorce where she’s being done wrong of course). However, cooler heads (if not tighter pocketbooks) will prevail.  Again – THANK YOU! This site has already proven invaluable.” — by KAS [OH] 

“This site is a GOLD MINE! Thank you Mr. LL” — by Marlo [CA]

“I like and regret not using it much sooner. I could have avoided a lot of costly mistakes if I had found this place sooner. I rarely go to the landlord networking meetings in my area due to the scheduling issues with my demanding job, in fact, I have not gone to any this year. Some of the landlord meetings that I went to last year didn’t have as much information as this place does maybe because they were talking about the mistakes I had made before I started going to the landlord meetings, shame on me 🙂 I know!  I know that I should have learned about this business before I started buying & renting. I don’t know of any other place on the internet for Landlords and don’t care, this one works just fine…” — by Zee [FL]

“My name is Omar and I wanted to thank you for I am beginning to pursue real estate and although a little nervous, has given me the confidence to step out more on faith.” — by Omar [MI]

“Thank you for supporting the small real estate investors in America Mr. Landlord!” — by Rick [OH]

“Have gotten your Newsletters and used your for years. We also use the credit report service offered through here too. The information you have is fantastic. Thanks!”— by Sandi [MI]



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