Rental Owner Update


“I just want to thank you for your informative, free email newsletter updates. Their are many startup investors like myself who use this as a source for real estate information and I would like to express my whole-hearted appreciation for all your efforts.” — by Theo W. [PA]

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your email newsletter. I am a new subscriber and I am overwhelmed by the great material available and the fact that it is free. I even find myself clicking on your sponsor’s links! Thanks again for a great newsletter.” — by Dale [CA]

“I enjoy your newsletter. It is of benefit in my quest for knowledge to help me build my “portfolio” of rental houses and manage them, and the tenants, intelligently. I now have 10 rental houses, but my goal is 50. Thanks.” — by Sam [FL]

“I absolutely love your email newsletter!!!” — by Larysa

“Thanks for your efforts in putting together a great e-newsletter. I have rental property and also sell multi-family properties. I frequently share some of your tips with clients. Keep up the good work!” — by Nancy [GA]

“Thanks Jeffrey for directing me to weekly e-mail updates. I don’t know how I missed that!! I’m sure many others may have missed it also. Your site provides such a fabulous resource to all of us, updates are just one more example. I would recommend to anyone that has missed this feature to sign up for it. My thanks again Jeffrey.” — by RTA [IL]

“Jeff- I just love your email newsletter. It is WONDERFUL!! Thank you for writing it! Strangely enough most of my friends and family do not own Real Estate investment properties so I find it hard to relate to them on this topic. Your newsletter makes me feel like I am part of the club! Thanks again for all of the advise you have provided to me.” — by Angela [NY]

“Hi Jeffrey,
I subscribe to your newsletter and find it very useful and beneficial. Thank you for providing such a great service to us investors. Keep up the excellent work.” — by Tom [CA]

“My name is Marc. I was blessed with a Property after a small court battle from family. Almost felt like giving up, but because of your testimony and encouragement it gave me the strength to follow through. Almost bankrupt,I was given my first piece of property (2brm 1 bth). Now I’m just going to the library learning as much as I possibly can about Real estate Investing. Thank you so much Mr. Taylor.” — by Marc

“I do want you to know that I read almost faithfully your email Update newsletter and information. Your tips and info are the greatest. I enjoyed in this issue the letter about the Local Landlord Assoc in Michigan. One of the reasons I like to go over your info is that I can enjoy it with coffee at my desk, during my free time and have the plesasure of my comfortable surroundings. Good Job” — by Steve [WA]



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