The Tenant File software is super. Easy to work in, lots of places for notes. I like the idea of getting reports with just the info I want/need at any given time. Easy to retrieve past tenants information too. I also just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the services you provide to us. I received alot of input and support on a question I had regarding damages I deducted from a security deposit that the tenant is disputing. Many thanks! Susan Martin-Doyle” — by Susan [MI]

“I use Tenant File to manage 400+ properties and love it! It can be confusing at 1st, read the manual carefully. Don’t forget to order the additional Forms software…a must!” — by Brent [MS]

“I use Tenant File. I looked over a lot of property management software and this one seemed like what I wanted for a decent price. It took me awhile to learn how to us it, but that’s just me. Now that I am using the program, its great. Tenant File (unlimited version) will do hundreds of properties.” — by Renee [ME]

“I’ve had Rent Right management software since 2001.  I switched to Tenant File this year due to the issues with RentRight and Windows 7.  I hated the thought of learning new software but I’ve been pretty happy with Tenant File.”  — by Chad [IN]

“I went from Rent Right to TenantFile found on this web-site [].  Didn’t like it at first.  But once I learned the program I like it better then Rent Right.” — Olprospector (OH)




“I started to use cloud based software (propertymanagecloud) since the latest Mrlandlord convention. It works great.” — by Elliot, RI. 



Since the question keeps coming up (on the Q & A Forum), let me recommend the LANDLORDS CASH FLOW ANALYZER, a spreadsheet currently available for $49.50 on this site. If you know how, look at the sample graph and do your own spreadsheet. If you don’t know how, buy this one. This type of tool will save you thousands in the long run. Note that Jeffrey didn’t give me a penny for this testimonial. Its just that I cringe everytime I hear from a landlord who bought an overpriced property and is now wondering what went wrong. Do the analysis before you buy! And lest you all think that I’m a smart a–, I would have made the same mistakes except for a broker who gave me his cash flow spreadsheet when I first got into the business.” — by CZ [OR] 

“I have the Landlords Cash Flow Analyzer. It is available here. It works well. It is an excel spreedsheet, but it is set up with input screens and reports and even takes your tax deductions into account. It would have taken me forever to have made a sheet that works as well.” — by Daniel [KY]

“I really like the cash flow CD I purchased via Mr. Landlord.” — by Tim



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