Wealth Protection


“I attended our monthly Garden State Real Estate Association meeting in Newark last month where Albert Aeilo gave a presentation on his tax saving materials as they relate to each form of business you set up as well as the detailed pros and cons of each business form. I purchased his course with software and am very happy that it will pay for itself “This year”. I have been in the rental business for 10 years and his materials are the best I have seen.” — by Rodney [NJ] 

“I was on the cruise in December and purchased everything Albert Aiello made available and it was all worth every penny! I’m now attempting to implement it all. Thanks a million for all your help.” — by Jackie [VT]

“I recently ordered your publication “Creating Wealth Thru Real Estate IRA’s”. Good material for myself and clients.” — by Mark [AL]

“The tax material from Mr. Aiello is worth every penny, that is unless I get audited.” — by Owen Pollard [VA] 

“To anyone who has not read “Goldmine” I cannot endorse it highly enough! Get it and give it to your accountant!” — by Craw [MN]

“Just got our 1040 proof back from our CPA (yes, I am filing an extension) and for the 1st time in a good many years we are smiling! Thanks in part due to changing from a pistol-Pete tax preparer to a CPA and thanks also to Jeffrey Taylors having Albert Aiello in the 2001 cruise! After purchasing and reading Albert’s materials, we applied it to what we were doing. I had about a dozen sticky notes attached to what I gave the CPA explaining what we were doing. It worked! Our tax liability is less this year than in 20 years of marriage and real estate investing! We implemented the medical re-imbursement plan and used component depreciation on rehabs. This is just two of the many things we learned. We have more than saved the cost of the cruise plus in one tax year. Yes we are going back in 2002. It was fun and tax deductible! Thanks Jeffrey! Thanks Albert!  I also heard Albert Aiello speak at the MrLandlord.com St. Louis convention in May, 2002. He has many strategies for reducing taxes. He takes a fairly aggressive stance on most tax issues, but his materials include specific citations to use to back up claims and supplement a tax return.” — by Carolyn [MO]

“I have The Goldmine book which has certainly saved me more than it cost.” — by Dan [MA]

“Hello!  I bought Algert’s Goldmine on the last cruise. I brought then home and showed them for CPA, who was busy in-putting receipts in quicken pro which we have started using for our business accounting.  Informed my accountant he WAS going to read materials Just heard back from Jeffery the Accountant. He was so excited! Never heard him so excited and impressed! He said he not only learned somethings, but could use them for me and that I would not have to pay anything this January – and that he is going back to 2001, & 2002 to amend the returns! MORE $$ for ME!!!  Just sharing my happiness for anyone who wants to buy Mr Aiello’s tax strategies…if my conservative accountant is willing to employ them, then anyone can employ and trust them.  So the CPA is still imputting expenses into Quickpro and amending and I am out buying, flipping, rehabing & renting units. Life is good. Hopefully I will have a little more money to expand the business soon!” — by MsG[CA]

“Is the Goldmine book really worth the price? Absolutely! Best investment I ever made. (Next to RE). Most CPA’s don’t know half the tips in this book. Saved me thousands. (And no…I don’t get a commission).” — by Cathy[MI]

“I just bought Al Aiello’s Goldmine tapes and wanted to know if I can get his e-mail as I have a questions. Thank you.” — by Ananda Z. [CA]

“Which software did you buy and what was the cost?  Thanks.” — by Nolan [TX]

“I thought I would put in my 2 cents. This guy knows his stuff. His Goldmine and IRA material saves me thousands of dollars every year. It is true that most CPA’s do not know half of what is covered in his material because they just do not specialize in real estate investment!!! His material is a must read for any real estate investor pro or new.” — by Scott [SC]

“Where do I find Goldmine? I called to order p49 and Mr LL does not have it any more??” — by Allen [FL] 

“I just received “The 1031 Money Machine” book from MrLandlord.com. For anyone who is interested in keeping your money out of Uncle Sam’s pockets when you sell property, please get this book. I read it once through quickly and am now sitting down to do a thorough reading and running some figures. I think it will be invaluable to me as a single family investor.  Thanks to MrLandlord.com (and Albert Aiello) for having available to us this kind of information. This is the kind of info that helps build personal freedom and financial security for those of us nutty enough to take on this profession.  Again, thanks Mr. Landlord!” — by Lori



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