“Jeffrey and Dot, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting together an outstanding cruise to Jamiaca this past December. I definitely learned a lot. My father-in-law also had a fantastic time. I would like to add that the cruise experience continues to get better and better. I can see the difference from the first one I took in 1996. I can see the organization of the classes are much more detailed,…. the late night round tables and the morning Q & A brainstorming classes are very informative….the nice gifts placed in our room…..the bonus materials….the graduation reception…all add up to an excellent educational experience at a tremendous value. I would like to say thanks for allowing me to be a part of your success team. I am wholeheartedly recommending to all the landlords I know that your cruise is a must for them. And I hope to be able to take many more cruises with you.” — by Curt [GA]

“I went on the very first cruise and three after that. It is a very relaxed atmosphere, you will enjoy the on board seminars, and meeting and making new friends all across the country. Then you have plenty of time to explore the huge ship, also the off shore shopping /dining and just do your own thing. I really feel sorry for Jeffrey and his wife Dot(who is a great gal) having to endure this every year…Join them you won’t regret it.” — by John [MI]

“Hello Jeffrey, My husband and I were on the last cruise (2000), and we are still talking about it. We so enjoyed every part of it. We are thrilled to see that 2001 is one is a little longer. We tried to get to every meeting and still find time to enjoy the ship and all it had to offer, that we felt a little burnt out towards the end. We also appreciate that these new dates are not as close to Christmas as the last cruise. look forward to seeing you in December, and thank you again for the memorable time my husband and I had last December.” — by Dianne

“My husband and I attended the Landlord Cruise to the Bahamas a few years ago… was wonderful!! We were fairly new to the landlording business and needed all the information we could get. Mr. & Mrs. Taylor are excellent speakers and we highly recommend attending, whether you are just getting started or been in the business for years. It was really interesting meeting other landlords and sharing stories and ideas. We purchased a bonus pack of information to bring home and study……it’s been money well spent. So if you have the opportunity to go……we say go for it….you won’t be disappointed.” — by Ginny [OH]

“If you want a lot of bang for your conference buck then you should sign up for the Mr. Landlord cruise in December. I just attended my first one last month and it was fabulous. The ideas I got are going to pay for the cruise many times over.” — by Dan [MA]

“I was on the 2001 cruise and it was one of the highlights of my life. If it’s any indication of my enjoyment, I paid a deposit for the 2002 cruise before getting off of the ship. If you can’t get vacation, call in sick. If you’re out of sick time, call in dead. But be there!!!” — by Aldo [WI]

“The 2002 cruise will be on Carnival’s Victory and will be stopping at Grand Caymen, and Ocha Rios Jamaica. My husband and I were on the 2000 cruise, (these same destinations only 5 day) and also the 2001. Planning to go on this years also. The Speakers were great and available alot of the time for personal questions. Also enjoyed meeting all the other landlords from across the country.” — by Carolyn [OH]

“2001 cruise was a very enlightening experience for us (me and my wife). We got a chance to combine my workaholic appetite with her enthusiasm for travel. Since the cruise, we’ve utilized information introduced there to acquire other properties already and improve our tenant retention. We signed up for the 2002 cruise, before we left the boat. You should too…” — by Erik [PA]

“Okay, let me get this straight. I am new at landlording and have only been in it for 9 months. I can attend a conference on a cruise ship? It will be tax deductible? I am thinking about a conference anyway, and this is the best site I have found. I love learning new things from other landlords and this would be the ideal time to learn.” — by Jason [MN]

“Seminars were very interesting, I’m just working on my taxes using the knowledge I’ve learned from those good guys and already saved few thousand dollars… Ship was beautiful, entertainment was very good, only one little problem: food was too good… and too much… so this year I’ll diet whole month before the cruise… it’s worth it…” — by Nina [FL]

“Just a note to Janis, the cruise coordinator, We want to make sure that we have a room reserved with a BALCONY. Last year was great, we can’t imagine not having that!! Thanks so much.” — by Chris and Jeff H. [TX]

“This is a follow-up to my earlier message that I posted 8 months ago shortly after attending last year’s cruise. At that time, I “anticipated” that the ideas I received from the cruise would pay for the cruise many times over. I’m glad to report now as a follow-up that the ideas from last years cruise have indeed already repaid me for the cruise and paid for this years cruise. Great ideas = real money!” — by Dan [MA]

“I also have a follow-up to a previous post. In 2000, upon selling our convenience store we started buying houses again and fixing up, encouraged by techniques we learned on our first Mr.LL cruise! Our first flipper house made as much money as we had made in the convenience store for a whole year! Now we have done 3 cruises and continue to buy and fix up. Some to hold, some to sell. Today, thanks to Troy Titus, we own very little but our LLC’s own 19 units and two vacation homes which we enjoy and rent out.” — by Carolyn [OH]

“I went on the 2002 MrLandlord cruise conference. The meetings on the cruise were great. Jeffrey is brilliant. We usually met from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. when ship at sea. Then we met again at 9 p.m. Even at meals people were talking about rentals.” — by Bobbie [CA]

“I am happily convinced that our goals are going to be reached becasue of the teachings and guidance provided. I eagerly signed up again for 2003 and will be attending the East Coast Conference in March. Jeff, Dot and all, thank you for your time talent effort and energy.” — by Muriel [NY]

“My wife and I may do the cruise next time around. We recently met a past cruiser that loved it and said it will take them a year to go through all of the free stuff.” — by John M [GA]

“As stated earlier, I was on the 2001 cruise and loved it so much that I paid my deposit for the 2002 cruise before leaving the ship. Then, since the 2002 cruise was even better than the 2001 cruise, I think you know where you’ll find me on December 6, 2003. Oh, did I mention that I paid my deposit for the 2003 cruise before getting off of the ship on the 2002 cruise?” — by Aldo [WI]

“I went to the conference last December, one of the few who went in spite of it being a cruise rather than because it was a cruise. There was no time to be bored on “at sea” days. We were busy from early morning to late at night attending sessions and meeting and sharing ideas with landlords from this site and elsewhere. One of my biggest concerns had been motion sickness. It wasn’t much of a problem, although I did avoid certain activities and found there were certain situations where I needed to take a small dose of the medication I carry.” — by Carolyn [MO]

“Update on what happened after I went on Mr. LL Cruise this past December. Within 1 week of returning I bought 2 new rental homes. Within 3 months I bought 2 more new homes. I have one completely landscaped and 3 more to go. Never a dull moment!” — by Bobby [CA]

“Welcome home cruisers, still a little swimmy headed here, how about you. It was great to see old friends Aldo and Dan(MA). I especially enjoyed meeting new friends Radar and Nightaura. To those of you who missed it, your loss. So much info and so little time, and so many new friendly landlords to meet. What a group and such a great wealth of knowledge all gathered in one place. The roundtable information exchanges were just fantastic and I learned some new moneymaking ideas I can’t wait to implement. I even got a lead on another property that I went by and looked at on the way home. I am sooo looking forward to next year, those that didn’t make it better start planning on it NOW, I think it is over HALF SOLD all ready, and you’ll never guess where we are going, but more on that later.” — by David[FL]

“I just got in from this year’s Landlord Cruise. Almost got stuck in FL (oh, what a pitty that would have been…) But we made it back and are being welcomed by about 2-3 inches of Snow so far…
I had a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting the “names” in person. I signed up for next year, so I really have to get on the ball purchasing more property to pay for this trip and save for next year!” — by Nightaura [CT]

“We went on the 2003 cruise, it was great after dealing with tenets all year. We were the most relaxed we’d been in years, and it felt good to be around people that is trying to make there money grow as we are.” — by Debbie Fuqua [MI]

“My husband and I just got back from the 2004 Mrlandlord cruise. It was our first experience attending a Mrlandlord event and it was absolutely fantastic!! We learned so much valuable information from all of the wonderful speakers. I can not wait to start using the new information that we gained. We also met a lot of wonderful landlords. We are so glad that we attended the cruise. Thank you Jeff Taylor for doing such a great job!! We look forward to seeing you at another event soon!!” — by A.R.[ID]

“Well, finally getting back to normal, whatever that is, after a really great 2004 cruise. The islands are absolutely beautiful, especially from the air. I even talked Jeffery into taking a helicopter ride, the views were awesome. We even saw some molten lava running down from one of the volcanoes as the ship passed by in the night, what a sight. I was glad to see some old friends Dan (MA) and Nightaura(CT), and meet many new ones, Marvin and Mary from CA, Steve and Sandy FL, Robert and Phyllis MD, and Nelson and Nancy MO, just to name a few. There were lots of great activities but the most popular seemed to be renting a car and exploring, and it was nice to have enough port time to be able to do so. I heard that Dave and Karen CA had an interesting ride on the road from Hana when they realized they might be late getting back, this road is beach on one side and straight up volcano on the other, no room for error. Glad I went out 2 days early for some time on Waikiki Beach and a ride around the island with friends Steve and Well, now that the Christmas holiday is over and things are caught up a bit, there is time to reflect.
The MrLandlord cruise this year was one of the most awesome ones I have ever attended. The speakers gave out a lot more “meat and potatoes” as opposed to straight sales pitches. There was a lot more time of Jeffrey giving out his tips and pointers too. On the last day Larry Goins spent the better part of the afternoon sharing some of his favorite places on the web for various bits of information you might want to look up. In fact all the speakers, Al Aiello, Pete Youngs, and Mark Sumpter did an excellent job. Jeffrey must have told them we did not come all the way there just to listen to sales pitches.
Now, next years cruise will make all you left coast folks happy. It will be January 23rd thru 31st of 2009, leaving out of San Diego to the Mexican ports of Acapulco, Manzanillo, and Zihuatanejo. Hope to see you then.” — by David [FL]

“For me and my real estate investment partner Lance Cutter to have access to such a very
“captured audience” of all those beautiful, intelligent and very female landowners from all over these wonderful United States was like Manna from Heaven for two rager “Horn Dog” property owners like us from Southern California! Not only did we learn quite a few things about the skills of landlording from your great speakers corps but, not so surprisingly, from a fair amount of those wonderful single (and married) landlord mammas too, but we also taught some of these “landladies” a few new wrinkles from SoCal as well, God love ’em all! We’ll both be back on board the “Love Boat” next year to hone our “educational skills”, if you get my drift, and we’ll also be teaching a few things too, but only after school is out and only to the “Lady Landords” on board!
Thanks again and we’re both definitely looking forward to pulling away from the dock again REAL SOON! Our very best, Dash R. & Lance C.” — by Frank B. [CA]

“It was really a great conference in every respect. The ship was great. The ports were fun and we always enjoy exploring the islands and running into fellow landlords from the cruise. The group attending the conference was great as were the speakers. Every year, I learn a little something that definitely pushes me further ahead on the road to success.
This year had a great balance of tax savings tips, asset protection, bookkeeping automation, & how to buy and manage new properties. The most inspiring part of the cruise each year is listening to the accomplishments of the other attendees in the room. Being able to hear what others do and then sit down over a meal with them and discuss how they do what they do is priceless.
Now, does anyone have a form that I can send to my residents that says “we have to raise your rent, because we spent a week in the Caribbean which has far too many jewelry shops”. :)” — by Dan [MA]

“I’ve signed up! Can’t wait.” — by Betty [FL]

“As a Realtor, who does residential property management, I have found that the Mr. Landlord cruise is the best way to get new ideas and new friends. This will be our 14 or 15 Mr. Landlord cruise, with Jeff and Dot. With each cruise I come away with new ideas that have help me over the years. If you have not made up your mind about going on a Mr. Landlord cruise, GO on the cruise, you will not regret it. My best to Jeff, Dot and the boys.” — by Bill [FL]

“We’ve signed up and cannot wait for the cruise in December!” — by Kimberly [AR]

“The 2006 cruise was great, visited some new places and met some new faces. The speakers were full of good ideas. Albert Allieo (sometimes referred to as “the energizer bunny by Mike Butler) had a good presentation on self directed IRA’s. The forms exchange was a high point ( we need more time for this next year Jeffery) with several new ideas presented by some of the new attendees. If you weren’t there you should have been. Call Janis now so you won’t miss next year. It will be Carnival’s newest, biggest, the Freedom. Sailing from Miami to Cozumel, Grand Caymens, and Jamica. Hope to see you there.” — by David [FL]

“Your cruise was probably the best-spent vacation and business experience that I have ever had. I grew up in the real estate business, and both of my now-deceased parents and I have been/are real estate brokers and professional landlords. I am also a real estate attorney. I truly had a wonderful time on your cruise, and hope that my schedule will permit attendance at a future cruise. Great programs, great ship, great value, great people. A MUST DO!!” — by Howard H., Esquire [PA]

“Wow. I had a great time on my first MrLandlord Cruise. I learned a lot during our sessions and I thought I would pass on some of the things that were said. We had a forms night where people who had contributed forms could share them and we all got some good input from that. I had a question about the Lead Disclosure Form and asked if it had to be a separate addendum or could it be in the lease itself. I was told very firmly it had to be word for word and had to be a separate addendum. This disagreed with what I had previously understood so I went directly to the government web. They show “sample” disclosure documents and state that this or something similar must be used either as an attachment or may be included in the wording of the lease itself.
There were some great rental applications and it was stressed we should have separate applications for ALL adults 18 and over to avoid the risk of “discrimination” based on marital status. That I had not thought of and I am in the process of getting those changed.
I also liked the form that was a management tool when taking a laptop was not possible. Some people felt it was reduntant because they had other bells and whistles they carried with them. For the rest of us who are still in the paper age, I thought her form was well thought out and useful.
We learned about Rehabbing property from Paul Youngs and some ideas to do things less expensively. Also about being knowledgeable enough to know when your contractor is taking you for a ride. Good stuff.
We learned about taxes and equity stripping from Al Aiello, also entities. There simply wasn’t enough time to learn all there was to learn and there isn’t space enough to report on everything we learned. Thanks Jeff for a great cruise.” — by Brenda [WA]

“Sandy from Fl. The scenery was breathtaking. Now I can’t wait for next year, leaving from Pureto Rico on Dec.11 to Aruba, Curaco, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. Inside cabins start at $1099.00 per person on the Adventure of the Seas, one of the largest cruise ships on the planet. Looks like a great schedule with lots of port time for fun, exploring, and shopping. Hope to see you there.” –David [FL]

“It was an incredible week. As expected the cruise itself; the ship, the food, and the ports were relaxing and rejuvenating.
Then bundle that in with an information packed conference and it makes for an incredible week. The sessions were great and I have numerous pages of notes that I need to dig through this week and put into action. I enjoyed meeting all those aboard and I look forward to meeting more of you on future cruises!” — by Dan [MA]

“Susan and I had a great time on the December 2007 cruise and can not wait for the January 2009 cruise. You can not believe what you have done to assist us in making the transition to the next level with our rental business.” — by Keith [IA]

“It is always an AWESOME event, the Landlord Cruise. Jeffrey, you always do a very nice job of creating memorable events.” — by Lou Brown [GA]

“We returned on Tuesday from the 20th Annual Cruise Conference after staying a couple of days in South Beach and boy did we have a great time on the cruise. The fact that Jeffrey and the speakers presentations were all relating to “today’s real estate environment” made it so worthwhile. And to add on to the great networking and group learning experiences topped with a gorgeous ship and ports of calls made it an exceptional trip. January 2011 won’t come quick enough for the next cruise. A great value for what we received. Thanks!!” — by Natasha [MD]

“The information I received on the cruise was so valuable. After returning home on Monday, I have spent the last several days reviewing notes, sharing notes and insights with new “Landlord” friends, listening to all of the bonus CDs, reading books from some of the best RE speakers I have heard and solidifying how I am going to apply some of these gems in the coming months. What an amazing consultation at sea! Thank you” — by Laurie [VA]

“This was our 9th cruise with Jeff and Dot, six of them the past 6 years and every year we come back with new ideas, new goals, a renewed excitement. We so enjoy meeting new landlords and reuniting with great people we consider friends now. We enjoyed the ping pong tournament, but Ron thinks we should have a bean bag tournament next. We so appreciate Jeff and Dot’s professionalism in all they do and their obvious respect they have for all. We had a blast at the ports of call. Can’t wait until next year!!” — by Ron and Margie [IA]

“We will be bringing our 11-year old son on the next Mr. Landlord cruise. We’re all so excited about attending.” — by Saundra [CA]

“Thank you to you and Dot for the work you both do to bring landlords together to learn and network. Peter and I always come back from the cruise reenergized and with new ideas to implement.” — by Mary F. [IL]

“I am so gratful to you for sharing your landlording strategies and helping other landlords. I have implemented many of your helpful suggestions and done well by them. Thank you, Jeffrey and Thank Dot too. God bless you all ways.” — by Darlene [NH]

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Your recent cruise seminar was great, excellent, enjoyable, educational, honest, rewarding, and profitable to me and my wife. I thank you for everything. The speakers were excellent. Your books are excellent…. I placed a reservation for the next cruise. Dan and Angela C.” — by Dan [CA]



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