“I’ve used Odor Xit before with great results, but honestly my project wasn’t terrible to begin with. But my cousin had the ultimate test the other day. Her dog grabbed a skunk and came into the house dripping with spray from his whole face and whiskers! She was beside herself. Luckily she was able to detain him in the flagstone floored breezeway.  She washed him with vinegar, etc and of course all the linens were disgusting and permeated with the smell, including the clothes she was wearing while cleaning him and even the curtains in the room! I bought some OdorXit from a landlord friend a couple of months ago and suggested she try it.  She was very suspecious as she is careful not to want to poison, or otherwise hurt her fur babies.  She called me a couple hours later.  Totally removed the smell from the dog. She sprayed down the whole breezeway with a fine mist; smell was gone from there, too! She’s taking me to lunch to thank me.  I told her I was just glad she didn’t even try to get me to help with the dog!” — Blue, IL

I bought a house that had been closed up for 18 months. I thought I would have to replace all the carpet to get rid of the moldy, musty smell, but first I decided to try OdorXit. I just sprayed it on the carpet, and the next day, the smell was gone!  I saved at least $1,200 on new carpet.  I was able to show the property and rent it without any other work!” — Vena [OH] 

“I must say that the Odorxit which I ordered through your website was a godsend.  Without that stuff, I think the property could have been condemnded.  It worked great!!!  Keep up the good work for those who have the fortitude to become a landlord.  Thanks again.” — Carol [RI]

“I bought a good professional grade ozone generator, a Sonozaire, after a fire in my home. The clean-up people used it and it worked wonders, so I bought the same make and model for my home and rentals. They can be very useful, but I only use it after I have washed the place thoroughly with OdorXit (my go-to for odor control), and used the CLO2 quick release.” — Rita [MA]

“For particularly tough odors you have two choices. 1) Odorxit, or 2) a well planned fire. I had an unidentified odor that, to me, smelled like battery acid in one of my units. To this day I have no clue as to what it actually was. Even after trying other means to eliminate the odor, the odor remained. Being a bit pricey, I stalled on spending that much money for something I wasn’t familiar with. I finally purchased it and now am left to wonder how much money I would have saved by buying it in the first place. I used only part of it and totally eliminated whatever that odor was.” — Aldo [WI]

“For dog and human stench, I recommend OdorXit ALL the way! We bought a house a few years back. Even though we bought at a good price we quickly thought we made a BIG mistake because the smell was sooo bad.  A few examples: urine deep in the floor cracks of hardwood, had to scrape feces off in attic spaces where animals used for a litter box, roaches, you name it. We also learned the prior tenants had been ‘cited’ for having too many pets (10 plus) cats!  We called the 800 number on the label and the owner of the company was encouraging and helped us when we had questions. The house is now a doll house. Amazing tenants and always fresh smelling. I can’t recommend OdorXit enough. It literally saved the house!” — Nancy [KY]



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